Fitbit acquire TWINE Healthcare

Fitbit have just announced that they are acquiring TWINE Health with the deal likely closing in Q1.


It confirms one of the ways forwards for Fitbit will be targeting corporate users. So this in itself is NOT a move towards more medical-grade devices from Fitbit.

But it makes sense if they can leverage Twine’s existing customer base and algorithms. If you become General Motors regional provider of these kinds of solutions then that’s a whole lot of Fitbit Ionics you get to sell direct, by passing the margins of the middlemen. All those corporate users using Fitbit Ionics then get to show and recommend them to their friends.

Of course there are potential employee healthcare benefits for the companies who sign up to make it worthwhile too.

Win-Win #VaguelyInteresting


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  1. Well, why try appealing to a diverse and varied audience when you can corner an entire group regardless to taste,opinion or option?

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