Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride – Going Long – I’m In

I recently signed up for the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride, which is on Sunday 6th May, as a prelude to things longer and higher later in the year.

I procrastinated for some time.

It’s only £50, though, which I thought was quite reasonable and then realised that it must be the ‘going rate’ as it’s £58 for Pru Ride London. The big difference being that all of your mates won’t get into the Pru Ride London whereas there are still places for TdY.

Well the other ‘big difference’ is that it will certainly cost me more than that in petrol and various presents for family and friends I am meeting up with. I’ll probably be staying near Bingley with family. Some of you may know Bingley as the Home of the Brownlees. But, no, I’m not staying with them – though my sister did go to the same school (long and turgidly complex story).

Back to the race. I mean, ride.

Note: It’s a ‘Ride’ and not a ‘Race’ … yeah right 😉

I think the course changes each year and so this is the 129km long route for 2018 that I am doing:


Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride – Route 2018

Here is the elevation profile again and it doesn’t really give too much away but it’s over 2050m of climbing which should be fine.


Likely Bike+Gadget Choice: Cervelo S3, Shimano bits, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Specialized Evade helmet, ASSOS pants and other stuff. I will probably have some fancy top from some prestigious European race that I didn’t do.

I shall be putting my Rings of Lactate Fire to good use too hopefully (Dura Ace 50-34T).

Shimano ultegra dura-ace chainring

It’s all in preparation for this. Well, ‘this’ and a bit more besides. All thrown into a week of cycling fun.

Col d’Aubisque – Upgrade Kit

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