AJ Bell London Triathlon – Olympic Route – And a rather innovative bell


Just signed up for the Olympic Distance.

2018 is hopefully going to be a year of lots of races for me, for a change. I’m fed up with training for a ‘special’ event. They are all special and to be enjoyed, I reckon.

I haven’t done the Oly here before and am particularly looking for ward to the iconic route along the embankment.

I have done the Sprint before and it was a pivotal event for me. It was 2 or 3 years ago and I had had a torrid year with running injuries. My lead up to this sprint tri was ‘no running at all’…so allowing the injury to heal for the 4th time. I was seriously contemplating giving up running/triathlon if my calf had gone again. Luckily it didn’t and I came 4th/5th; or something like that. Not 3rd in any case.

I did part of the bike course today in the near-freezing temperatures caused by a cold easterly wind…apparently hilariously named ‘the beast from the East‘. The route is not quite as glamorous in the winter, in the road works – not as glamorous as it will be on 5th August 2018.After all it is THE LONDON TRIATHLON not just any old London one.

I was en-route to the Excel for the Triathlon show. At the show I found that Triggerbell.com deserved a shout-out for a GBP10 bike bell. Just a bell? BUT it has a nice sound AND it will fit: on your shifters; on your tri bars; or in the regular MTB position. But even in the regular MTB position you can brake at the same time as ring it. Clever. They never said the mousetrap should be re-invented and this basic bike bell design is 200 years old (so I’m told) . However this looks genuinely a slightly better and safer bell. I might even buy one as the £2 chinese imports I get last about 2 weeks before flying apart.


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