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Hopefully I have some interesting stats coming up linked to the social media engagement of industry-wide brands over various social media channels. Maybe early March. Stay tuned.

Turns out I used to almost work with the guy that is producing the stats albeit in a pre-the5krunner business life. When I say ‘almost’ worked with I mean we worked with the exact same companies just at a slightly different time. Ah! the good old days of being paid. Memories of helicopters and skiing come drifting back.

As part of my chats with the ‘other guy’ he told me my Instagram feed and Youtube feed are both rubbish. And I’d have to agree. So my goal for the month is to double my Instagram following from about 10 to about 20.

Instagram might be a reasonable medium to add a short-form review with a single high-quality photo. But that’s a techy argument in favour of using it.

The marketeer in me would argue that the best medium is the one that the reader wants to engage through. I’m not convinced that Instagram will work for me. Although it does work for some tech bloggers. I suppose the truth will out itself soon enough

There are a couple of practical pains with Instagram for those of you who are as new to it as me. these being:

  1. You MUST post from your smartphone. There are no automated shortcuts like there are for TUMBLR, TWITTER and Facebook. There are some apps that comply with Instagram’s rigorous posting standards like and HOOTSUITE but those apps still fall short of automation. On the flip side it means that you, dear reader, may well get more original content rather than duplicated content.
  2. I can’t type too well on a smartphone. It will take me AGES to use it. I’m busy. I have n+1 jobs and n-1 jobs that pay for my daily bread.
  3. It’s not possible to add links, other than the account holder’s main website link. Although twitter-esque hashtags can be used.


I think twitter is pretty rubbish too for publishing and promoting content. To me it just seems to be a sometimes-convenient way of not using SMS or email to engage with someone.

For those of you who Instagram:

But changes are afoot:


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Just posted a photo. 😆

Ray Maker

My wife (The Girl) keeps threatening to take over my Instagram account because I don’t post much on it. Or that I don’t know how to use it. To be fair, I published something yesterday. Which means I’ve managed once per month this year. Apparently that’s not considered good.