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Kings Lynn parkrun Kings Lynn parkrun - UK's prettiest?A really nice, flat parkrun around The Walks park in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. The start line is a few minutes’ walk from Kings Lynn train station and there is also free parking on surrounding roads. The postcode provided (PE30 5QX) takes you to Goodwins Road, which is where we parked, and it’s a five minute walk to the start – you should see plenty of other parkrunners that you can follow. There is a public toilet which was open, clean and free to use… though there was a large queue. There was also a disabled toilet, but that was locked.

Kings Lynn parkrun - UK's prettiest?

Kings Lynn has an A route and a B route, dependent on weather. We ran the B route because of an enormous puddle that had frozen over and I don’t think anyone had brought their skates. The course is three-and-a-bit laps of The Walks and was flat most of the way round. The whole thing is tarmac too, so it’s one of the easier courses. The park itself is very nice and quite interesting – a couple of historical landmarks, such as the Red Mount Chapel, which was built in the late 1400s, plus the Gaywood River to admire on the way round. The Walks is just very scenic in general.

It’s a popular (busy!) course but the paths are quite generous, especially at the start, so it wasn’t too crowded. One section of the route is an out-and-back and it was fun seeing all the runners coming the other way… some will even partake in a High Five. There were plenty of marshals, one of whom was helpfully shouting out your time each time you ran past. The worst bit was the finish funnel which was quite long and located in the mud… and I had kept such clean trainers until that point! I was also a bit confused when the barcode scanning volunteer didn’t want my finish token back – but they have a little hanging rack for the tokens where you go to hang it in roughly the correct order, which must be a time-saver for the volunteers. The start and finish is by a café, but if that doesn’t take your fancy then then Kings Lynn town centre is fewer than five minutes’ walk away, as we found out from one local parkrunner – just head towards the train station.

King's Lynn parkrun #340 - February 17th 2018

Kings Lynn parkrun
Kings Lynn parkrun

Official Event Page: Kings Lynn parkrun

Nearby postcode: PE30 5QX

Hills (as logged by Suunto Spartan Trainer): Ascent 32m / Descent 63m

Subjective PB potential: 9/10 – good course, with a little congestion

Distance Displayed on Suunto Spartan Trainer:  5.17 km

See below for difficulty ranking


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