ASSIOMA, Important New Firmware Update for Favero’s power meter pedals

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector
4x LEDs – You don’t know how hard it was to get this shot!

There is some interesting PowerMeter firmware news for the Favero Assioma.

EDIT: There will be more detailed news on this subject on 24 April. I guess you are here because of Favero’s teaser email!

It looks like their OVAL/ELLIPTICAL firmware mods, which are now in beta, will go live in April 2018 (Source: AC @favero). This will be a free firmware update for the ASSIOMA made by your ASSIOMA app.

Specifically, Favero are saying that the new firmware gives

  1. A slight increase in precision across all use types
  2. More notable improvements in precision where the are irregular angular velocities/pedalling cadences which includes OVAL chainrings or non-uniform pedalling styles (piston-like, Favero call it)


This adds an interesting dimension to the pedal powermeter battle as previously only the PowerTap P1s supported oval chainrings. Vector and ASSIOMA ‘work’ with oval chainrings…they would just currently give distorted (wrong) readings.

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector

As well as price, this would give the ASSIOMA another slight edge over the Garmin Vectors.

I’ve had the beta firmware since early December. On the occasions where I used an elliptical chainring (large front oval with small circular), There seemed to be a closer match to a Wahoo KICKR in a controlled indoor environment ie less of a divergence when switching from circular to oval chainring. There was still a divergence, so hopefully, my old beta firmware (from November) will have been improved further by April.

I also played with ellipticity here (link to: )… aka ‘wasted some time’ or ‘had a bit of fun’, depending on how you see it.


Favero ASSIOMA Review – Longterm Report


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5 thoughts on “ASSIOMA, Important New Firmware Update for Favero’s power meter pedals

  1. What [% or W] difference you’ve seen with the new FW? I’m using Assioma and Elite Direto with Oval chainrings. I was surprised to measure 20 – 25 W difference between Direto and Assioma. 😮 That seems much bigger difference than what you’ve measured with Kickr.

    Just wondering if it can be due to “ovalization” of mine Osymetric chaingring compared to yours Q-rings?

    1. I haven’t got the figures to hand and I’ve not scientifically looked in any case but it was much less than 20-25w. More like 5-10w.

      there are different shaped ovals and they must have different force vectors.

      the firmware update should be generically able to handle all.

  2. Garmin 3 have a major issue with the battery replacement…. but what about the P1 vs the Assioma…. which one is better talking about the precision?

    Out of the weight…look… and battery… which one is going to give me better information?

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