March $£1000 Giveaway

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No more entries accepted after the last comment by me, below. Sorry

Winner list will be published in a separate post and winners will be individually notified


It’s March so it must be GADGET GIVEAWAY month.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have also spotted that today is National Old Stuff Day. Let’s put the old stuff to one side, however, and instead celebrate with 10 bits of new stuff with this running, cycling and triathlon-related giveaway totalling well over £/$1000.

How to enter

Simply leave a short description of what you’d like to get

I’ll assume you are interested in ‘all’ if no product name is left…

A Catch

To enter for the Suunto SPARTAN Sport you must use either the word SUUNTO or OPT-IN to consent to having your email passed only to Suunto. This was a condition of Suunto donating the prize.

The PowerTap free wheel rental is UK only.

Duration of loan TBC.

There might be a few companies added on eg since posting I’ve had SUNGOD and OURA Ring confirm .I’ve temporarily taken off STRAVA as they hadn’t confirmed.

A Bonus

The free race entries will also be available via some well-known tri- and running-forums. The more sneaky amongst you might be able to enter more than once.

Good luck!

I expect about 100 or so entries so you’ve got a good chance of winning.

The giveaway entry period will run from Monday 5th March to Saturday 31st March.  The giveaway item providers will be immediately notified of the winners’ details who will be selected at random. The prizes are provided jointly or separately either by the manufacturers and/or my partners – Power Meter CIty (USA), Cycle Power Meters (UK), New Running Gear (UK). Each of those partners offer 10% off most stuff deals, most of the time – if you take up one of these deals you also help support this site.


Checkout code for 10% off many brands – “the5krunner10

Checkout code for 10% off many brands – “the5krunner10



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Stephen Brown

Runscribe Plus Opt-in I’d love a runscribe as I’m a bit of a data junky!

Stephen Brown

Obviously as a data junky I meticulously absorbs information, including the dates a competition is open. Oh wait…

Does this still count add an entry?

Stephen Brown

Just in case…
Runscribe Plus Opt-in I’d love a runscribe as I’m a bit of a data junky!

Rasmus Jensen

Would love the Suunto Spartan Sport


Would like to have a chance to win the SUUNTO spartan sport 🙂 (Adding OPT-IN just to be sure :P)


The SunGods and Runscribe plus also looks sweet so I’ll enter for them too if possible 🙂

Suunto Man

Just a SUUNTO Spartan and a HR belt. Nothing else. matters.

Dawid Kowalski

I would love to get WatTeam Powerbeat.

Federico Mentegazzi

I’d go for the runscribe to improve my running efficiency, which I desperately need!

Radek Ciesla

I would love to get the Suunto Spartan Sport (OPT-IN)

Iwona Gruszczewska

Can I get the Runscribe Plus, please 🙂 I live it


Would be interested in trying the Suunto, and of course the power meters and sensors would be lovely! I’ve also raced Hever a number of times, but not the gauntlet, so that would be nice to do. Thanks for organising!


I pick The SUUNTO opt-in Spartan Sport 🙂


Would love to get the Suunto Spartan Sport (OPT-IN)

Si Livermore

Runscribe plus would keep me out of mischief, but Strava premium would be a nice consolation.
I’m guessing the runs are at Hever, which looks fab but I’m doing Medoc a few weeks before. 🍷 Cheers

Martynas Šliažas

Suunto Spartan Sport + chest strap would be my choice

Mihai Răducan

Would love a SUUNTO Spartan Sport!

Andrej B.

I would love to get Runscribe and would be also thrilled to get Suunto Spartan Sport (OPT-IN) 🙂

Thomas Eklund

SUUNTO Suunto Spartan Sport would be awesome!

Guillermo Guerini

I’d love to give Runscribe Plus a try! 🙂

Georgijs Samoilenko

It would be really nice to win “Runscribe Plus”


Oooh. SUUNTO please! 🙂


I’d like to get Suunto SPARTAN Sport. Runscribe Plus seems also awesome. Any of the two – I’d be happy.


Hi! I would love to get the Suunto Spartan Sport (OPT-IN).


I would like to go give the Runar optical a try since my suunto smartbelt is giving quite wonky results.

John Kissane

The Suunto watch I guess as don’t know what some of the others are!


SUUNTO Spartan Sport + Suunto Heart Rate Strap is my choice


SUUNTO Spartan Sport + Suunto Heart Rate Strap

Chris Hague

I’d love the sunglasses. They are so fly (as the cool hip teens in the states like to say). The oura ring also has peaked my interest since you reviewed it. HR arm strap is coming in third place but still an awesome prize. Too bad about Strava. Thank you and keep the great posts coming. I am a loyal reader via Feedly app


Would love to own an Oura Ring to collect more data! 🙂


I would love to get a Suunto Spartan Sport


The Wat Team Powerbeat is something i’d love to get my hands on as I am going to be training with my bike more this summer…and I don’t own a power meter at all.

I will admit the Runscribe Plus Opt-in would also be extremely high on my list for things to use. Just from your write-up on it alone made me curious. I have a stryd; but the footstrike metric is kind of interesting.


I would love to get the Suunto Spartan Sport watch (OPT-IN)

Daniel Perez-Valencia

I’d love a runs ribe for my upcoming 115km trail running race in Whistler, BC this year


Would love me some SUUNTO Spartan Sport.


I would love to get the Suunto Spartan Sport (OPT-IN)

Claus Madsen

Would love to replace my old Suunto Ambit 2 with a Suunto Spartan Sport. (Opt-in)

Oriol Garrote

I would OPT-IN for the SUUNTO Spartan Sport giveaway!

Coalville CantererQMbXA

I’d love to try the runscribe plus, just to see make myself all symmetrical


The SUUNTO Spartan Sport watch would be the one I’d go for.

Bo Kaa

Would love a SUUNTO Spartan Sport!

Ben Nouriel

Oh wow, where to begin. Either the Suunto Spartan Sport or the Ultegra pedals and cleats.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Nataša S.

Runscribe Plus pretty please 🙂


Those Sungod Pacebreakers will definately make me faster…

Nikolas K.

Runscribe or WatTeam or Ultegra or Sungod or Oura; hope my entry is valid! 😛 Thanks for your time on this site!

Ryan J

Would love either Runscribe for those treadmill runs or the WatTeam power meeter.


Can’t wait to try that fancy OURA ring 🙂


Very curious about the OURA RING. I check my HRV in the mornings most days so having it measured nightly instead would be neat and save some time. Thank you


Like to win the Suunto Sport

Richard Lowerson

The Hever Gauntlet would be a great way to ease my way into my 54th year 🙂


Would love to winn the suunto, or other stuff😊

Brad Olwin

I would like a Suunto Sport as it is a bit thinner than the Ultra!

Sebastian Brash

I would love to get the Runscribe Plus, just transitioning from Triathlon to pure running and am going to miss all my data driven workouts 🙂

Stuart Raven

I would be over the moon if I won the WatTeam Powerbeat. Since I have started training on a Smart turbo trainer I can really see the benefits of power based training and with the weather hopefully about to warm up it would be great to have power training sessions on the road.