Mobvoi Ticwatch S – GPS Test Results in

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Mobvoi Ticwatch S Review

The GPS Test results are in for the Mobvoi Ticwatch S. Whilst the watch is a pretty sight, its GPS test results are not.

Ambit3 Run (Blue) near perfect – Mobvoi Ticwatch S …not. These are easy sections


Mobvoi Ticwatch S Review
It might be. But…

A review might follow sometime over the next couple of weeks but I’m debating how much time to spend on this as I pretty much already know what the recommendation is going to be.

It’s cheap! It’s got onboard music via AndroidWear 2. It’s cheap! It’s got a really nice screen. It’s cheap!

Did I say it was cheap? Well, actually it’s not that cheap but I guess it is cheap for an Androidwear sports watch. The battery is not too great either. Oh, and neither is the oHR.

And I so much wanted to like it 🙁 #SadFace.

Mobvoi Ticwatch S Review
Screen like an Apple Watch, unlike the performance

The full test files, methodology and table of results are here, link to Yes I have done other GPS runs/rides too and, no, they were not too great either.

It’s got pretty much the worst ever score, although it did perform quite well on the easy bits. And that last point might be its saving grace if you live in the rural parts of the Netherlands. But I don’t.

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It takes quite a few shortcuts. That makes it a fast watch! (Every cloud……..)


May I ask you something about the watch?


Is it cheap? 😂


Glad, I asked. 😂 Thanks for clarification. Wasn‘t totally clear. Have a nice one, 🤙


Mine was delivered today. I cycled the battery fully (drained and recharged) then strapped it on for a quick test run. I ran a 5K loop near my house that I have been running multiple times a week for years. I know it is 5k. The Ticwatch showed me at about 4.4K at the end of it, and gave me a pace about 15% higher than usual for me. I’m going to give it one more chance on this course tomorrow. If it’s not perfect, it’s going back.