Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – Finally Available on Amazon (UK and USA)

Firsty Firstbeat goodiness, yum yum

Just shy of £400, you can now get your hands on the Forerunner 645 Music from Amazon in the UK. It’s been more widely available in the USA on Amazon for a while

Still at that price, using a British saying, this must be the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not so sure. Maybe you are not so sure either? Justin case you are not sure I have put a link to some sliced bread, below. You can get both and decide for yourself.

Interestingly, both the bread and the Garmin get 3 out of 5 stars as the average Amazon rating so far. Hmmm.

I’m still somewhat mid-review on the 645. Some of the comments and criticisms applicable to the Vivoactive 3 seem to still apply. I’ll just sit on the fence for a while longer before jumping off to whichever side is the greener and then go forth and wildly mix some metaphors when I write the review.

Enjoy. It’s warm. It must be running time.

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices approx $400-$450 or £480-£520 and UNlikely for non-Music to fall below $400 in 2019.


▷ Garmin Forerunner 645 Specs | Detailed Comparison To 735XT and 935

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23 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – Finally Available on Amazon (UK and USA)

    1. 😉

      Also, the first day of spring here….it’s snowing.

      Meh, it’s a weight day, I’m good.

  1. Anything to say on stryd integration? It’s a given, and also slightly outrageous Garmin gets away with launching with half baked firmware time after time. All will be well in the end

    1. I’m having repeated dropout issues with the 645M and Stryd. Massively frustrating. I should have stuck with my 630 until the ‘beta’-let’s-test-this-on-mugs-like-me phase is over (or Garmin get away with hardware issues like they did on the Fenix 5).

      1. nah you must be imagining it. leading review sites report no major issues.

        then again I buy my own Garmins. I have Zero relationship with Garmin other than that of a consumer. No internal contacts. nothing. just the same as what you guys get.

      2. you have to wait until the NEXT thing’s reviewed to find out what was wrong with this one. 😉

    2. you know that 645 doesn’t appear to be supported on which lists:

      FR230, FR235, FR 310XT, FR630, FR 910XT, FR920XT, FR735XT, FR935,Fenix 2, Fenix 3, Fenix 3HR, Fenix 5X, Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR, Vivoactive 3

  2. Despite some misgivings I picked up the non-music version to replace a 620, it has some teething problems for sure but must say I’m liking it so far. It’s nowhere near as bad as the 620 was when I got it first.

      1. First run with it was an interval session on a treadmill where it froze for ~8k before coming back to life, that hasn’t happened again thankfully. As well having never had an activity tracker device before was wondering why it thought I’d climbed 100 flights of stairs in a day (no I don’t work in a high-rise!) but that might be fixed in the next s/w release along with some very dodgy elevation readings.

  3. I ran NYC Half with 645 last Sunday, the GPS performed poor among the skyscrapers in Manhattan, around 1 Mile longer than actual distance. But I guess it’s the general case for GPS watches.

    1. 1 mile is a LOT

      did you have glonass on? that might have helped in a built up area despite what i normally think of glonass? I’d say buy a stryd but the 645 doesn’t support it. #sigh

      1. Yep, GPS + Glonass: on, data recording: smart, I saw some blog said that turn off glonass and set data recording to every second might be more accurate, not sure about that. s I do consider to buy a stryd, just wait and see.

      2. yep lots of reported problems with yet another Garmin that cannot connect properly to sensors that everyone else’s watches seem to be able to conenct to (and the old Garmins too).

        c’mon Garmin. Get your act together

  4. Took part in a 10 mile event earlier today, the 645 recorded it at 16.16k so pretty good showing.

    1. ty for the feedback john.

      maybe. my ticwatch was pretty good at getting the overall distance about right. i’ve not really seen too much so far to differentiate it from the vivoactive 3. then again, i’ve not pored over the maps yet.

      1. Hopefully I haven’t drunk too much of the Garmin koolaid but I do really like it 🙂 After a week & a half it slowly returning to a similar vo2max number that my old 620 (+ HRM strap) had for me.

  5. I’ve noticed the HR measurement sort of freeze on me twice, once doing an interval session on a treadmill where all looked well ’til the last interval of 8 where after I finished & was doing a slow jog the HR still stayed sitting at the same number it had for the k interval for a few mins until I started walking on the treadmill.

    Saw the same again on an outdoor run where after working fine for ~12k it jumped to 138 and sat there ’til I just walked for a min but as soon as I ran again it went straight back to 138, even a 200m sprint didn’t budge it!

    One hopes for improvement in future s/w revs as my previous watch (a 620) wasn’t what you’d call accurate ’til around 6 months after I got it.

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