RunScribe Back Shipping – STRYD too?

RunPow STRYD RunScribe Comparison Review FeaturesRunScribe Plus and STRYD have been in short supply recently. so much so that you have possibly not been able to get hold of one. Fear not, salvation is close to hand (foot).

RunScribe Plus is now definately back shipping in the USA and hopefully soon to follow in the UK. I know that STRYD were also waiting new stock of the regular STRYD and the STRYD Live. I have just seen that STRYD’s online store seems to have stock now.

Don’t forget your 10% discounts (where available)…


V3 RunScribe Plus Pricing: USA $250, UK/EU GBP250


If you want to get a pair of RunScribe pods now you can buy direct from RunScribe in the USA using the image links below or from NewRunningGear in the UK. I suspect, like STRYD, that RunScribe will NOT find its way onto Amazon in the USA at all and will only find its way onto Amazon in the UK if NewRunningGear put it there.

Either link supports this blog in a small way. Thank you for reading this RunScribe Plus Review.

Runscribe Review Pro

USA: Click for 10% off Runscribe – Discount automatically applied which you see automatically added in the checkout

runscribe plus newrunninggear review buy price sale discount

Clicks to UK/EU distributor use 10% code SCtfk10 on checkout

STRYD Discounts, Availability and current pricing

STRYD is only available directly from STRYD in the USA. There will be import duties for you to import into the EU.

I partner directly with STRYD in the USA on this and you help support this blog at the same time. Clicking on the image below takes you through to whatever current deal STRYD have at any given time in the USA/Canada and will be shown on their site. Thank you!

For the UK and Europe I partner with STRYD’s official distributor via their retailer New Running Gear you can get a 10% discount by using the code TFK10 for STRYD directly with their site as you would with any other online coupon or online promotion and you will help support this blog at the same time. Thank you!. Outside of America you can also buy through Amazon but remember that buying directly from STRYD will help them more. All the links below support this blog to varying degrees. Thank you again for using them.

stryd coupon discount promo code

Only for original STRYD (for now)

stryd discount code coupon offer special price

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>STRYD is only available directly from STRYD in the USA. There will be import duties for you to import into the EU
Well on their site it is stated: Free US shipping. No EU VAT tax. Worldwide shipping.
I have asked them via chat and got confirmation that shipping happens from their UK distributor, therefore no import TAX will be in place. As a result it is cheaper to buy from STRYD website, as $219 equals ~ 180 EUR, but buying STRYD in Europe you have to pay more than 200 EUR.