Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review – on my dirty bike

A review of Shimano’s 50mm laminated clinchers.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

I wasn’t quite sure how to review a wheelset and I’m certainly not going to make a habit out of it. There is only so much you can say about their roundness.

Conversely, there’s probably lots we could say about the aeroness at various angles of yaw and at different speeds but then getting that information in the real-world ain’t so easy unless you have a wind tunnel lying around. Which I haven’t.

I could probably say a bit about weight too by copying the information from the spec sheet. Yep. I ‘ll do that later.

‘Ride quality’ and ‘cornering ability’ are probably fruitful areas. But I guess I should have started out by cleaning it.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

At least you know I’ve used it for more than a photoshoot. This is about 50 miles worth of Surrey mud and after a good hosing down.

These are the exact products I have and which I will be talking about: WH-R9100-C60-CL-F (front) and WH-R9100-C60-CL-R (rear) which were released in 2016 pre-TdF.

Background to Dura Ace (Wheels)

Shimano is probably best known for smaller mechanical components of all types for all kinds of bikes. Perhaps, in recent years, you will have come across their forays into electronics with Di2.

Dura Ace is the premium sub-brand of Shimano (Road). With Ultegra being the mid-range and Shimano 105 being the effective entry-level for readers of this post. I won’t discuss the other road systems; Tiagra, Sora, Claris, Tourney, etc..

There are two braking systems on Dura Ace wheels: R9100 (rim) and R9170 (disc).

Clicks to

There are options for tubular rim brakes (-TU), clinchers (-CL) or tubeless disk (-TL). These include full carbon rims and disk brake models.

C24, C40 and C60, sort of, refers to the rim depth in mm. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the C60 was 60mm. It’s 50mm for the CL version and 60mm for the others. Anyway, the larger the C number the bigger the rim.

The subtle differences and numerous parts to the specification get complicated; there is an abbreviated specification table at the end of this post as well as a link to the full specifications at Shimano if you want to the minutae of bearing cups and butted spokes.

As to the future? This range should be current until 2020/2021.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review


The R9100 Premium

The R9100 C60 wheels at first seem similar in specification to the R9000 C50 (from 2012).

Shimano’s press release , at launch in 2016, claims the following

Two new 28mm wide C60 and C40 rim platforms bring a stiffer wheel to enhance forward and side-to-side (lateral) power transfer and, with ultra-light carbon rim heights of 60mm and 40mm, are also designed to reduce air resistance. This allows Dura Ace R9100 C60 wheels, in a real world scenario*, to save 16W over Shimano’s current DURA-ACE 9000 C50 wheelset

According to Shimano, the following energy saving were found in the conditions of a cross wind at 7.5° on a 25c tyre when sprinting on a flat road: WH-9100 C60TU 1400g/set (16W saving) < New; WH-9100 C40TU 1331g/set (2W saving) < New; and WH-9000 C50 TU 1442g/set < Released in 2012.

Thus, if you are using tubulars, then 16w is a notable upgrade.

Or you could stick on an old tyre like this and probably lose 16w !!

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review


The Dura Ace R9100 C60 reviewed here are sweet-looking hoops. Of that there is no doubt. I probably made a slight aesthetic mistake putting them onto an effectively all-black Cervelo frame. The metallic rim stands out too much (when clean 😉 ) and the all-black carbon rimmed ones would have looked better. My bad.

Although if you look at the DURA ACE writing on the rim you will see it is ‘stealth black’ or ‘shadow black. I think this gives the rim the look of near-complete blackness and hence the metallic rim stands out more. Compare that to other wheels, like my Mavic Cosmic Carbone, and they have bold white branded lettering and hence that somewhat detracts from the metallic rim.

Like you I have other frames and the Dura Ace wheelset probably looks better on those other frames. If I get some of my red Schwalbe tyres out of their boxes and onto the bike then, no doubt, those tyres will throw the overall bike aesthetics into the long grass. Never to be discussed again.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

I’ve read a few comments about the aesthetics of the hub and spoke detail elsewhere. The hubs look pretty solid to me, the freehub is titanium folks; that should suit you nicely when your watts hit the 4 figures;-) The hub is not the sort of thing I look at.

I quite like the straight bladed spokes. I have seen calls for the return of the J-spokes…I mean, that really doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the ride.


The rear takes 10/11 speed Shimano rear cassettes.

They take ‘normal’ tyres. Normal sized clinchers. They need an inner tube.

You’ll need an inner tube with a longer than normal valve. I tend to use 80mm. Although I think the picture further below shows a 60mm one.

Ride Quality

The Dura Ace R9100 C60 reviewed here are essentially a replacement for my cracked up Cosmic Carbone SL wheels from somewhere around 2012. The Cosmics seemed to be one of the Age Group triathletes’ wheels of choice back in the day. The R9100 fits the same cycling niche as the Cosmics, I don’t see them as an upgrade as such.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

The R9100s probably are a bit stiffer, maybe a bit more aero and certainly a lot quieter than the Cosmics that have the rim coming loose somewhere ! Sure I can lift the bike up and spin the R9100 front wheel and it spins for longer than the Cosmic…maybe I give it a bigger push or maybe the bearings are just newer 😉

My Usage

I’m a reasonable cyclist and I do parks and hills (Surrey) rather than mountains. So for the sort of speeds I go and the sort of terrain I go on, I see this Dura Ace wheelset as a ‘performance all-rounder‘ ie I’ll use them 70-80% of the time when outdoors. 90spi? Yep that should do nicely most of the time too.

  • I’m not going to use them on a TT.
  • I might use them on a windier race day in preference to a rear disk and 60mm front rims.
  • In France later this year I’m going to be doing several 2000m vertical days, so it’s 50:50 whether I take these or scrounge some serious mountain kit from friends
  • You will probably find that at most people’s cycling level, that the aero effect of the wheel will save you more than a lighter, minimally rimmed wheel. Just sayin’.

I like the traditional aluminium rims. More specifically, I like the predictability of the braking.

I’ve had a few comments over recent months with these wheels and over the years with the Cosmics and about the 50mm rims in general. “Isn’t it too windy for them?“. I generally never worry about winds up to 15mph and above that I’m often to wimpy to go out anyway 😉 The only issues, I find, are in gustier conditions where the higher winds can unexpectedly take the front wheel away slightly. Hey! Just go faster. Force vectors and all that.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

I have no problems recommending this Dura Ace wheelset for the type of usage I’ve described. Are there cheaper and better options from brands you have not really heard of? Maybe. Do Waitrose beans taste better than Heinz beans? Errr. With Dura Ace you have a certain expectation of high-end performance. Well, at least I do.


I find it pretty hard to have niggles with wheels. My only issue was as follows.

Each wheel comes with a tiny circular, rubbery sticker that has a hole it goes around the valve from the inner tube, adhering to the outer rim. I think this sticker both stops the valve banging on to the rim (?) and helps keeps dust/water out of the rim innards. Bottom line: I couldn’t get it to stick down. And I was never sure either what would happen when it came to changing the inner tube in anger…surely it would come off then too?

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review


Techy Summary

Wheel size is 622x17C with recommended tyres sizes of 23-622 to 32-622

The C60 clinchers are 50mm deep. The rim width is 22.4mm front and rear. There are 16 spokes on the front and 21 spokes on the rear.

Specified weight is 832g (front) and 1019g (rear) giving an overall weight of 1,851g.

Shimano Dura Ace R9100 C60 Review

Price, Availability and Discounts

They are available now…and have been for a while! You will probably save money buying a complete set. You may well be able to get these cheaper at your LBS, especially if they have some sort of loyalty scheme like Sigma Sport (my LBS). Wiggle and Chain Reaction are also obvious places to look.

If you want to help this blog then use the links below to buy the wheels…or anything else for that matter. Thank you.


Detailed, Abbreviated Specification Table


Model no.WH-R9100-C60-CL-FWH-R9100-C60-CL-RWH-R9100-C60-TU-FWH-R9100-C60-TU-RWH-R9170-C60-TL-F12WH-R9170-C60-TL-R12WH-R9170-C60-TU-F12WH-R9170-C60-TU-R12
Model nameWH-R9100-C60-CLWH-R9100-C60-CLWH-R9100-C60-TUWH-R9100-C60-TU-RWH-R9170-C60-TLWH-R9170-C60-TLWH-R9170-C60-TUWH-R9170-C60-TU
Brake TypeRim brakeRim brakeRim brakeRim brakeCENTER LOCK disc brakeCENTER LOCK disc brakeCENTER LOCK disc brakeCENTER LOCK disc brake
Average weight (w/o QR, rim tape, tubeless tape, valve stem, lock ring)832 g1,019 g666 g830 g745 g901 g678 g829 g
O.L.D. (mm) (Front / Rear)100130100130100142100142
Wheel Size622x17C622x17C700C700C622x17C622x17C700C700C
RimHeight (mm) (Front / Rear)50 / 5050 / 5060 / 6060 / 6060606060
Width (mm) (Front / Rear)22.4 / 22.422.4 / 22.428 / 2828 / 2824242828
Rim jointSleevedSleeved
SpokesNumber (Front / Rear)1621162124242424
Axle fixing methodQRQRQRQR12mm E-THRU12mm E-THRU12mm E-THRU12mm E-THRU
133 mmXX
163 mmXX
168 mmXX
100 x 12 mmXX
142 x 12 mmXX
BearingStainless ballXXXXXXXX
CupCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finish
ConeCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finishCBN finish
140mm Disc rotor compatibleXXXX
Digital adjustment systemXXXX
FREEHUB bodyContactContactContactContact
Grease holding functionXXXXXX
Requires rim tapeXXXX
Recommended size23-622 – 32-62223-622 – 32-62223-28″ – 28-28”23-28″ – 28-28”23-62223-62223-28″23-28″
SpokeMaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelCarbonCarbonCarbonCarbon
NippleMaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
FREEHUB bodyMaterialTitanium (Rear)Titanium (Rear)AluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum
Hub shellMaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumTitaniumTitanium
QR leverMaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum
QR housingMaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum
QR nutMaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum
ColorSeries colorSeries colorSeries colorSeries color
Compatible Spoke protectorCP-W124CP-W124CP-W1460CP-W1460
Note* The adapter is needed to use 10-speed CS* The adapter is needed to use 10-speed CS* The adapter is needed to use 10-speed CS* The adapter is needed to use 10-speed CS


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  1. I enjoyed reading the article until I realised how much they cost. (yes, I’m ignorant on high-end bike components) Is there a rule of thumb on how much the wheels should cost as a % of the whole bike?

    1. if YOU ride a £1500 frame and I a £5000 frame i reckon they’d be the exact same speed. If you rode £500 wheels and I rode £2000 wheels i reckon the latter wheels would make you heaps faster.
      you are going down a slippery slope towards reading lots and lots of bike articles on how to get faster by buying kit … it even works much of the time

  2. I’d have thought that sticker is actually more likely a washer to prevent damage from the nut on the valve stem being tightened so sticking down probably isn’t necessary. I’d even go as far as to say it might be designed to stick to the flat side of the nut, which you’d then take off and move to the new tube. doesn’t have info either way though so that’s all conjecture. Also, what kind of lunatic would put heavy things like nuts and dust caps on their shiny bike 🙂

  3. That was a great review to read. I have purchased these wheels and agree with all that you’ve said (including the look of the metal rim with an all black bike, like I have). These wheels are going to be my Do-it-all wheels which have replaced my trusted Dura Ace C24’s. My first impressions are that they feel and sound sweet! My Strava times on my 1st rise out have improved but that’s maybe a placebo effect.
    I look forward to reading your other reviews. Keep up the good work

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