WINNERS : March $/£1000 Giveaway

suunto-spartan-menu-ultra-sportThank you everyone for entering the Giveaway event.

The competition was posted on several forums. Two prizes went to an entry not made on this site and they were for the GAUNTLET race place and 2x Half Marathon places which were won by members.

Winners were chosen by a random number generator.

Here are the winners who will be notified very soon on the email address they gave.


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13 thoughts on “WINNERS : March $/£1000 Giveaway

  1. Chuffed to bits; after years of trying, this is first time I’ve won anything in a competition like this!

  2. It was a great competition, thanks a lot! Too bad that I didn’t have any luck. Just as a side question: you had to mention the product in the comment what you wanted to win, right? Just asking because Mollusch was applying for the SUUNTO and he won the powerbeat (not trying to be a dick here, just wondering).

    1. you had to use the word Suunto or Opt-in to be eligible for that prize – i assumed everyone wanted anything unless it specifically said otherwise. i spent over 3 hours sorting out the entries cut and pasting into a spreadsheet and organsing the prizes with the donors, it’s quite possible i made a mistake elsewhere. i’ll keep it more simple next time. if there is a next time

      1. Fair enough, thanks for the reply. As said before, thanks for your work!

      2. i think it comes down to interpretaion of the english.
        1. everyone entered for everything
        2. to win the suunto you ALSO had to use those words above
        3. if somebody won something eg powertap uk rental but had said “I am in the usa” then they would not win that prize – as it happened that never happened. I drew the uk prize last in any case

  3. I’m very intereted to get more info on the RunAR Optical HRM armband. Can you please do a review of it both in indoor gym and outdoor activities?

    It looks like for some reason it cannot be delivered to the US. I even tried to get it to Canada (my friends live there) but is not allowing me to deliver it to a Canadian address even though it is in the list of countries it can be sent. This item looks like a lot cheaper than the Wahoo Tickr Fit or the Scosche Rhythm+/Rhythm 24.

    Please advise.

      1. Thanks for the quick one. I tried this URL number of times and it looks like whenever I give a US address, I get this: “There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination”.

        Weird, why this small item cannot be shipped to the US is beyond me.

        Btw, when you reviewed it, was it as accurate as the Polar H7/H10 or to the Wahoo Tickr Fit? If it isn’t that accurate, I would go with Polar OH1. I already have the Scosche Rhythm+ with 3.1 firmware and it is still not perfect though (getting sudden spikes when running).

        Please advise.

      2. when it was accurate it was the same but other times it was a bit off…acceptably so. i’m using the oh1 against other devices for other reviews this month quite a bit. it is effectively as good as a chest strap for my usage.

      3. Thanks for the info. How soon can we see a Polar OH1 review pitted against the Polar H7/H10?


      4. there’s no point specifically. i have done a h10 and oh1 review. the armband isn’t going to be QUITE as accurate and wont have hrv. i like the caching of the oh1 and specifically use that. i still think polar is working on new firmware for the H10 which will give new stuff later this year to coincide with??? err?? what could that be 😉

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