New Power Meters for 2018 – and a PM bargain for NOW (Pioneer Duo)

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What’s going to be new on the Power Meter front in 2018?

We’ve had a lot of new PM products to potentially buy over the last couple of years. Sometimes there is quite a delay between announcement and availability. So I approach this year thinking “It’s going to be a quiet one“. That could turn out to be true or spectacularly wrong if companies ANNOUNCE products later this year.

Here are some of the newish happenings and potential happenings in PM-world:

Bargains for now

Power Meter City (USA) are down to the last few remaining units for the Pioneer Dual Sided Shimano Ultegra 6800 units which are on closeout at $799 – that’s $200 off and on a sweet, widely-used, crank. There’s a similarly good deal on the STAGES. Cycle Power Meters (UK/EU) have some ex-rental deals and some deals on Powertap G3 AMP 30 & 50 wheels.

*ON SALE* $200 off as at 2 April 2018


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Buying from any of the PowerMeterCity or Wiggle in the UK helps this blog in a small way, thank you.

Checkout code for 10% off many brands – “the5krunner10  




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