SunGod PaceBreakers & SunGod Renegade – 10% off for 2 days

Tom, tats not included (actually neither is Tom. Just the 10% off)

10% off…sounds good to me. The code is only active for a couple of days. Sorry I can’t control it more than that.

Renegades: code tfkr10

PaceBreakers: code tfkr10

Neptune: code tfkr10

Classics2: code tfkr10

SUNGOD PaceBreakers Review Detail Discount Promotion Coupon Code




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just grabbed a pair. thx for the tip.
It s not 20%, but better than a kick in the a.s
besides, its my birthday today!


I tested my pacebreakers which i won at the March giveaway today for the first time at cycling. Really good contrasts and wind protection for the eyes. I like it.