New Polar V650 Firmware refresh

The Polar V650 seems to have had a similar refresh to the M460 from last year. Despite rumours from earlier in the month and various listings of a Polar V650N model; it seems that it’s just the firmware that’s been updated. The firmware updates seem broadly in line with what was added to the M450/M460.

It seems sensible and justified to keep it as the V650 from what I can tell.

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V650 users now have: Strava Live Segments (Strava Pro subscription required); advanced Cycling Power data from Training Peaks (NP, TSS, IF); as well as improved altitude measurement via barometric altimeter and GPS to give an improved gradient metric (officially known as GPS-based gradient);

The V650, which features navigation (OSM support) and a full XL colour touchscreen (2.8″ colour touchscreen), will now benefit from the addition of Strava Live Segments, GPS-based gradient, Advanced Power Metrics and improved Power Sensor compatibility (Stages, Rotor and PowerTap are headlined as supported).

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Regarding the future of the V650, Polar are stating officially that, “We aim to add more features in the future, because just like you, we constantly seek to improve.

Full Specs: link to

I’ve never used the V650N, this might just tempt me into putting it alongside the Hammerhead Karoo in a few months time.


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