Puma to release multiple sports watches on Wear OS

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Source: fossilgroup.com

Another footwear and clothing giant steps further into the breach.

This time it is Puma tying up with Fossil Group in a move that is similar to adidas+Ionic and Nike+Apple. Devices will be Puma branded.

Source: puma.com

Fossil have generally steered away from sporty devices so far so a tie up with Puma is a sensible move. It’s a sensible partnership for Puma too as Fossil are well-established, are selling well and have generally good global distribution.

Puma have signed a deal that last up to 2028 and which should see the first device hit the streets in 2019. That’s a great sign of committment and also a 2019 release would be able to build on some of the improvements to WearOS that are planned this year and ALSO, I hope, from a much-needed chip from Qualcomm (maybe Huawei can step up instead?).

It could be a masterstroke.

My opinion: PUMA have found the best available partner at the best time. Only Nike has done better with its tie up with Apple. Whether or not Fossil can make a sports-grade wearable work on WearOS as well as Polar is another matter entirely.

Source: fossilgroup.com

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But why do you believe there is a new chip from Qualcomm?