Some New Snippets – Mini-rants, moans, some cheery stuff. And Prison

I’m still playing with the Versa.

Dictionary definition of ‘playing’: waiting for sync. I think their server was down a day ago


Playing with the 645 has been fun. I’m listening to a lot more music than I have for several years. Mostly it’s music from ‘several years’ ago.

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The #garminforerunner #645music has that steel bezel that I'm not sure about. Put that to one side and the functionality is immense. Here is a sweet-looking 24×7 heart rate track. And that's over and above what you get stored in workout files. Onboard Music is at a fledgling state across the market and the reality is that most people will have to copy music files and playlists to their Forerunner 645 Music to enjoy the running-with-music experience. #garmin #forerunner #forerunner645music Super-detailed review of the 645 Music on my site AND A super detailed market-view of ALL RUNNINGWATCHES with music also on my site at:

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There should be an ELEMNT firmware update out any time now. Which addresses some PM-related  issues. I’m waiting on that to test the new ASSIOMA Firmware … 1% accuracy baby !!! (#Claimed). There’s a sneaky little 2.05 version you need to update to if you were an early updater like me.



Look ! I have a new bush in my garden. Combined with my mini water-pool (above) I now have two entirely new ‘locations’ for some quite pretty images. (If I may say so myself)


My partner-in-crime, aka theparkrunner, is onto her 50th parkrun venue. Or at least it’s some implausibly high number not far off 50. She’s NOT my partner in that sense but recently did a parkrun in prison !! Yes HMP Haverigg (Her Majesty’s Prison Haverigg). Yes they have parkruns IN PRISON and want to encourage visitors. What could possibly go wrong?

The HMP Haverigg post is not yet out as we are deciding if we should write about the two escape routes she found. Seriously though, it’s a good thing, right?


Roll on the cheap WearOS sports Watches. They mostly all have music and maps and are mostly cheap. Some even work well. Others don’t. Best Running Watch with Music.



There’s a prize of an old sweaty and used Epson fitness tracker to the first person to make me laugh with their witty comment about this photo. No swearing please. #HouseRule

Does this count as a seductive pose?


Let’s end on a positive note. The AMAZFIT STRATOS is actually pretty cool and feature-full.

Now let’s spoil it.

I spent yesterday trying to sync My Deezer Premium Account with Fitbit’s Versa. It did work once before (a few weeks ago) but seems to have now stopped. I’ve invested at least 2 hours trying to just get Deezer to work with Versa. I spent LONGER than 2 hours figuring out how to sync Versa data externally to STRAVA and/or just simply export ‘my data’ (as Fitbit call it).

With the cheaper STRATOS I just copied a few music tracks onto the device in the cunningly named ‘MUSIC’ folder; paired some headphones and was off. Admittedly I couldn’t pair my TICKR FIT to the STRATOS but that’s another story entirely – other people have managed to pair the TICKR, I obviously need more practice in these things. With the cheaper STRATOS I can export a GPX file (yep), which works. That will do nicely. I can live with that.



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  1. I don’t want the watch, but that sure looks like a scrap yard where they’ve piled up command shuttles like Kylo Ren’s in Last Jedi 🙂

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