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Eastville parkrun is a 10-minute drive from Bristol city centre. Car parking is available in the nearby Tesco (post code BS5 6XB) and it’s around a 10-minute walk from there to the start line – go through the underpass and up the hill of the park. There is a toilet block near the start line but they have been closed down for some time, although parkrun is keen to get them re-opened, so hopefully that will happen in the future. In the meantime, there are no toilets, though there are probably some in Tesco that you could use.

Eastville parkrun

Eastville is entirely park-based so the whole course is run on proper pathways. The first lap takes in the western (or lower) half of the park, the second lap is larger and incorporates the lake and the eastern (or upper) half of the park, with a final lap the same as the first. The whole park is on the side of a hill so there are quite a few ups and downs to contend with. The section around the lake is flat, but that’s really the only bit that is.


The course is nice, with decent views from the top of the hill, but the lake section is the most scenic. As you run towards the lake you’ll also catch a few glimpses of the River Frome on your left hand side. It’s a shame the lake only features once, as it was my favourite section. There were plenty of marshals on the way around the whole course and there were signs indicating which direction you should head depending on which lap you were on, which really helped.

The final 50 metres of the course are on the flat, but the 100 metres immediately preceding that are all uphill, which is pretty hard going. Still, you get a nice sense of achievement at the top… either that, or you’ll just be glad it’s over. The good news is that it’s all downhill on the walk back to the car park!

Eastville parkrunOfficial Event Page: Eastville parkrun

Nearby postcode: BS5 6PX

Hills (as logged by Suunto Spartan Trainer): Ascent 35m / Descent 42m

Subjective PB potential: 3/10 – proper paths, but rather hilly

Distance Displayed on Suunto Spartan Trainer:  5.14 km

parkrun : Hardest & Easiest Courses in UK | course difficulty

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