Some races for 2018

I’m planning a couple of ‘raids’ this year.I think they’re called that.

The Alps look like this. They are mountains, in case you didn’t know. Source:

I’ve now managed, I think, to squeeze the Alps in as well as the Pyrenees. In the case of the Alps it was more that I sneakily influenced a family holiday to be near the Alps…”Wouldn’t it be nice to do some hill walking in the Alps over the Summer? Apparently it will be Spring in the mountains with lots of prettily flowered mountain meadows.” As you all know this roughly translates into English as “I’m going to b*&^er off and leave you lot as soon as I can hook up with someone with a half-decent bike, lycra and some legs. You won’t see me until 7PM most evenings. Even then I’ll be so tired that I won’t speak to you.

Hey. I’m normally a nice person.

I’ve been asked to shout out some races by some race organisers. They are the ones that already email you the info every week anyway. But I owe some favours.


1. London Triathlon

This is the one that starts at the Excel in docklands with a potentially sea-esque swim in a potentially choppy River Thames. I did the Sprint one a couple of years back and enjoyed it. I was coming back from injury so didn’t push it too much and, as always, if I had run a bit faster I would have easily made a top3. But, as always, I didn’t. If my calf had gone that day I may well have given up triathlon…I was that hacked off with injury.

London Triathlon 2014
London Triathlon 2014, source organisers

Here I am now happily running around. So all is good.

I’m quite a bit fitter this time but have entered the Oly. This will inevitbaly mean that I have picked a slightly higher level of comeptitor and so, once again, will fail to make the top 3. But, like the chap above, I get to ride close to Big Ben…although the tower was covered in scaffolding when I last looked.

Apologies in advance to London car drivers for closing down your roads for an entire day. (2 days?)

2. Prudential Ride London

I’m doing this and was very pleased to get a media entry. That means I have now officially become a journalist (nah). Imagine my shock when I had to pay £69.00. Which is the exact same price that everyone pays. Oh well. At least I’ve ‘made it’. I bet Gordon Ramsey doesn’t pay for his entry and I bet he swears more than I do.

Shimano ultegra dura-ace chainringMy aim is to take this one vaguely seriously for a change and my spinny rings of fire (above aka Shimano Dura Ace very small inner ring) are my not-so-secret weapon

Apologies in advance to London car drivers for closing down your roads for an entire day.

3.Favour Alert: Salomon Trail Running Festival 10k, 20k races and trail running workshops

  • Saturday 2nd June, Pentland Hills, Edinburgh
  • Saturday 23rd June, Box Hill, Surrey. 8am-10pm


I should really do this run as I cycle in that general area quite a lot. It is NATIONAL TRUST land and super-pretty with great views. Great views that will probably be better taken in when running rather than cycling relatively quickly.

In fact I always seem to go here which is right next to Westhumble train station (you CAN walk to Box Hill from there). I think it’s Lizzie who now runs the place with her husband (?). Anyway, she runs it with another guy. Like most cafes or bike shops in Surrey, they have cottoned on to the fact that cyclists eat lots of cake and drink lots of coffee and generally don’t have fights and trash the place up as would be the case at your local pub.

I complimented Lizzie on her various cakes and chocolate creations over several years and she has now created her own brand. Lizzie’s Cakes (or similar). They’re very nice, coffee is average.

Actually please don’t go there on Sundays as there aren’t too many seats and you might take mine.

4. Hever Castle Half-Distance Triathlon

Castle Run Series
Castle Run Series 10k

They are hosting the British Middle distance championships this summer. They also will be doing their September weekend of all the race distances as usual. They have some new running-only distances this year.

No doubt I will, once again, do the Half and moan afterwards that it was too hard.

They tend to have relatively frequent discounts. So sign up to say you are interested and wait for one of the offers to come round.


5. New Forest Middle Distance Triathlons


I’m either going to do the New Forest one in September or the Swashbuckler this month. It’s £140 and no I won’t get a freebie. I think it is a relatively flat course and in a generally pretty part of the world.


6. Eton Dorney

People row there. It’s near Windsor.


But they also do duathlons and triathlons without the danger of being killed by errant car drivers. ie it’s a closed-road circuit. Human Race seem to be doing all the events there this year…I could have sworn they used to share it with F3.??

It’s flat, even the water, and the run sections are properly measured as they are ‘out and back’ routes.

The weekends seem to be full up so I may well not go to Dorney until a late September race. We’ll see. No plans yet as such.


7. parkrun

Source: parkrun

Yes I’m doing a few of those this year. But not as many as theparkrunner who is documenting her travails on this blog as she aims to become the most parktouristy person ever.




8. River Arun swim 23 June

Zone3 – it’s the only wetsuit image I had

I do this quite a lot. Mainly because it’s downstream with the tide and in salt water. As far as 3.8k of swimming goes, it’s as easy as you can get. You will get an awesome race time to tell all your tri-buddies about. It’s a good build up to a proper IM swim as it’s a tad easier.

There are other events organised and other longer events organised by other people. They seem to all have stupid prices apart from this one. #RepeatCustom


9. Thorpe Park English Sprint Tri Champs – Sunday 3rd June


I’m either doing this or one of the roller coasters. I live quite close to here but have yet to do a Thorpe Park event. So there is no excuse linked to lack of availability of Travelodge rooms.

Well my excuse is that I have the option of a 9 hour MTB ride the same day with some mates. So…..

website: triproject

10. Tour de Yorkshire – Maserati Long Distance Ride

I’m off up to stay with family in Bingley (aka Home of the Brownlees). It seemed rude not to show my face at the TdY. I won’t be taking this one seriously. In fact if it rains (likely) I may well have to feign illness and stay at home as it’s a long drive.

Credit: Lucy Pittaway – official TdY artist in residence.

11. Support your local tri club

I will, for sure, support one/two of my local SE London tri clubs and do one of their races. You should do the same for the one in your area. Many of the clubs do great work with supporting getting kids into sport and the races are one of their main sources of revenue…probably subsidising kids’ memberships.

Feel good about yourself even if you have to do an Aquathlon.

12. Hackney Half Marathon (Virgin)


This is a half marathon with lots of steel bands and entertaiment. I did it a few years ago. It was SUPER hot and the crowd were awesome. I thought ‘Hackney=Flat’. It’s definately not flat.


13. Night of 10k PBs

This is more something to go to watch. Fun, nevertheless. THERE IS LOT SOF ENTERTAINMENT…not just running. If this won’t excite your kids about athletics then give up and buy them a smartphone.

Night of the 10k PBs, 19 May. NW3 2JP



Race organisers: If you want to have your race featured here just send me some info that I can EASILY cut and paste and put in. #NoCharge.

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  1. That’s a lot of events – how do you manage injury prevention? Even with yoga and foam rolling I find the intensity of training only allows me 2/3 races per year.

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