Spot The Difference – Shimano Ultegra Brake Caliper

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Shimano Ultegra brake CaliperI’ve been wearing my brake pads down more rapidly than I expected on my S3. Maybe I’m a bit scaredy-cat going downhill? (I’m not); maybe there’s been a lot of wet and fine grit? (maybe…); or just maybe it’s a soft compound? The pads are also not quite aligned properly and are a bit too high and are about to rub onto the tyre under braking.

So the next step is obvious. Yep; change the entire set of brakes šŸ™‚

Actually doing that is just about as easy as changing brake pads but that’s another story. I had another set of Shimano Ultegra calipers destined for another bike when my inner-aesthete noticed that the other pair were actually a much better colour match to the S3. So that was the main reason for changing them.

Yet on closer inspection, I noticed that the two pairs were notably different in construction as well as looks. There’s no prizes for spotting the differences but the neat detail that I liked is shown in the photo above, where the release mechanism clicks all the way around and into place (well, I liked it!). The larger springing mechanism, below, is also not coiled on the newer set.

  • Old set: BR-6700
  • Darker, newer set: BR-R8000 (pads are R55C4)

There IS a difference between the front and rear. The difference is the length of the mounting stud to the frame (rear) or fork (front). the rear one is shorter…did I put them on right…I can’t remember.

Eagle Eyed Readers: I still haven’t put the GP4000S II on the rear wheel. IĀ  know. Iknow. They are on the front though, honest.

OK. OK. I got it. I’ll get back to my electronic gadgets and get a review up this week. Maybe.

Lot of maybes in this one.

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