15% Garmin Product Discount – UK, EU – 920XT, 935, 1030 etc etc (@PowerMeter24.com)

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Training Effect 935
CLICKABLE TO Powermeter24.com

15% rebate off most things Garmin.

Checkout Code: PM24_Voucher_Garmin15

Where: PowerMeter24 (Europe incl UK)

Valid until: Approximately end of May 2018


Restrictions: This will NOT work in the USA. This DOES apply to all Gamrin products stocked. The only problem I am aware of is with Vector 3 and 3S where there are re-stocking ‘issues’.

  • 920XT? yep
  • 935? yep
  • 1030? yep etc etc, lots of products
  • Using the code also helps support this site.
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5 thoughts on “15% Garmin Product Discount – UK, EU – 920XT, 935, 1030 etc etc (@PowerMeter24.com)

  1. Excellent! Iā€™m in the market for some Garmin accessories. Will this be a long term code or is it limited to some days/weeks?

  2. You need to be more up front about where the link leads to. You’ve made this look like a Garmin offer and used short links to obfuscate the fact that it’s a site sponsor. This is not OK and will alienate both users and sponsors, ESPECIALLY if you’re paid per click since the clicks are not intentionally aimed at the sponsor. The site is becoming bad enough as it is with your attempts to monetise but this is unethical and a huge no-no if you ever intend to properly use the site as a business. Many advertisers include this sort of thing in their terms and conditions since they are paying for exposure.
    I can live with the pointless ad block pop-up. I don’t know what you think it’s achieving, but it’s almost certainly not working the way you think it is. DCR is successful because he never does this stuff…

      1. thanks for pulling me up guys #rusheddoingdayjob.. there was no intent to do what you suggest Dave.

        It did say “Where: PM24 (Europe incl UK)”

        I have changed image and put the full company name

        unfortunately DCR’s model is not readily copyable. Suggestions for me always welcomed. believe me, i have thought about it.

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