AeroPod – Velcomp AeroPod AVAILABLE for Pre-Order

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Velocomp AeroPodThe Velocomp AEROPOD is now available for pre-order. It’s coming in July so if you order one of the earlier ones you might just be able to perform some fine-tuning on your aero position ahead of a summer TT.

The AeroPod IS a powermeter in its own right; just like its predecessor the Velocomp Powerpod (review ed here)

However if you already have a direct force powermeter then one of these is just about, for now, the only way that you can measure your CdA as you ride. So you can assess your best aero position in real-time and on the road.

I’ve no idea yet how good this is going to be BUT I’m very keen to get hold of one myself in my quest to best my 10 mile TT times.

10% Discount Code: the5krunner10

. The Power Meter City (USA) and Cycle Power Meters (EU/UK) links both   usually offer a 10% discount (edit Dec 2017: Power Meter City have temporarily stopped this discount in the USA due to adverse exchange rates.)


Code for 10% discount – “the5krunner10UK/EU Partner Info to follow. Discount & free international shipping from PowerMeterCity in the meantime

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Chris Hague

I think I will hold off until gen 2 or more reviews start coming in. While it will be really cool to see if it it’s valid and easily applicable to positioning, I’m cautious.