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I have a few great deals to post over the next few days some from my partners and some that I just found. Like this one directly from TomTom (links to sale at:

There is more information below. This SHOULD click-through to the local sale in your own country in your local currency even though the prices are shown in GBP. Please let me know if not.

Clicks through to sale


Here are some cautionary notes:

  1. The TomTomSpark 3 is effectively the same as the Runner 3.
  2. The Spark Music is the Runner 2 ie it should have been called the Spark 2 Music. #Confusing
  3. However the Runner2 and Runner 3 (ie the Spark and Spark 3) are highly similar
  4. The Spark/Runner 2/Runner 3/Spark 3 is a highly competent device. It has VERY GOOD GPS and optical HR. There are some great onboard features and the revamped online platform and smartphone app are good. It would be highly recommended. So “What could possibly go wrong?
  5. A: TomTom are very probably withdrawing from the wrist-based fitness watch market. Well they ARE. but it’s not so sure yet as to exactly how that will happen eg will someone else buy that part of the business?
  6. Clicking on the above link does not support this blog in any way. Clicking on the Amazon link below does (if you then buy something)
  7. This deal is set to end MONDAY 21st May 2018. If you get to this too late then it looks like prices on Amazon are heading Southwards too (see below)


Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices approx $/Eu115 £95 and likely to fall further in 2018. Buying from my partners supports this site. NB RUNNER 3 = SPARK 3
Support this site with purchases at these partners - should click to a local choice in your country

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