Suunto Spartan 2 (firmware and a tease) – updated

Suunto are teasing the above image on Instagram and on Twitter.

Suunto Spartan Baro Review
Click for BARO strap details

The strap detail is like the SPARTAN SPORT BARO…and only the BARO …NOT the ULTRA and not the other SPORT variants.

The buttons and bezel look the same as several existing variants. So, maybe it’s a new product or variant.

Rather than speculating too much I’ll try to get some more  and post later on today – best case scenario would be THE EQUIVALENT OF a SPARTAN ULTRA 2.0 with a  new swappable strap, new watch faces, probably WHR and who knows what else? Note: I do NOT think here will be an ULTRA 2 with that name – I THINK Suunto might drop the SPARTAN name entirely eg Suunto 3, 4, 5 series.

You should also know:

  • Suunto are rolling out new SPARTAN firmware, currently v2.0.40, details below. Some people have it, others not. So there could be confusion with this firmware version release and a possible ULTRA v2.
  • Along with that there is a new manual for the  SUUNTO SPARTAN ULTRA and SUUNTO SPARTAN SPORT listed as manual v2.0 (14 May 2018, possibly other models too). But this is firmware v2.0 and not a new model as far as I can see. Here it is from the Suunto site – .Suunto_Spartan_Ultra_UserGuide_EN
  • Readers of the manual might get excited with the chip specs – SiRF star V – Resolution: 1 m / 3 ft. But that is the (same as) current variants.

Suunto Spartan software update 2.0 features

  • New Zones – pace and power (just like the HR Zones)
  • Enhanced workout traing targets – added duration/distance/intensity targets based on: heart rate (all activities); pace (running); and power (running and cycling, when a power pod is paired)
  • Notification history: from the watch face just press the middle button to see all your recent notifications from your mobile device.
  • Temperature has been added to the outdoor screen (Ultra and Baro models), found by navigating down with the lower right button or by swiping down.
  • Suunto Spartans with Wrist HR now have the Instant HR display directly below the watch face display.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements including power management

Firmware Info Source: Suunto



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8 thoughts on “Suunto Spartan 2 (firmware and a tease) – updated

  1. It would be lovely to have an updated variant with the newer wristband that conforms better to the wrist, while remaining OHR free. Meanwhile I am seeking out an Ambit 3 sport in black in new condition (harder to come by these days it seems), or possibly a Peak.

  2. Notifications is missing a step
    From the watchface
    -Push middle button (or swipe right to left)
    -Swipe up (or push lower button) to see notifications

  3. Beautiful products, but I can’t see how they abandoned ant+. I would jump off the Garmin wagon today if it weren’t for every bike sensor, my footpod and chest HR strap being ant+.

    1. i hear ya!
      they don’t
      it will come full circle tho. nearly all new sensors now are dual band. i even suspect that garmin will release dual band hrms this year (guess). all/most PMs are dual band eg all the popular pedals/cranks
      i even checked to see if anythign new was there from suunto…nope

      1. I think it will, but it’s a tough pill to swallow when one has perfectly functional ant+ power meters, footpods, straps, and bike sensors already. Other reviews have hinted that having dual ant+ and BLE capability in a watch or head unit really isn’t very hard. I’m not nearly as informed as you are though.

      2. it can’t be ‘that hard’ BUT it is more work. and how many more units will be sold as a result of that ‘more work’.
        ie dual sided pm support is excluded for purely commercial reasons and not technical ones.

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