STRYD – Updated Android Mobile app

There are 3 new aspects to the new Android app. Handily the STRYD app arrived on the same day as my new Android phone.

These new features use data derived from your workout history.


First up are Insights into today’s training or your recent training. It’s a relatively self-explanatory sentence that appears on the app’s home screen

Power Zone Calculator

The default power zones can be edited to include the power and pace from the STRYD tests over 3 to 9 laps OR over 3 to 6 laps. Alternatively a 5k/10k race time can be entered.

Power AND pace zones are produced for training.


Race Pacer

One of the STRYD apps lets you enter a target race watts and variance around that. It then keeps you in that race zone. BUT how do you calculate your target watts required to achieve your target time?

The new feature on the app lets you enter a target time and on a subsequent page gives you the target watts to aim for.


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