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Many of the readers on this site are middle-aged athletes. Many of you are probably married. Many of you train a lot in support of your sporting endeavours. Many of you appreciate that a good night’s sleep is what enables your body to best adapt to the workouts you did the day before. Maybe you even track that adaptation with QS EMFIT or the sleep cycles from your Garmin or Fitbit

You know that you get fitter in your sleep and not when you are exercising. Yet, many of you have partners who ideally would stop snoring and stop disrupting your sleep.

QuietON Sleep

Image Source: QuietOn Sleep

You might have: noisy neighbours; live under a flight path; or live next to a busy road. The point still stands. ATHLETES NEED SLEEP!! Maybe you need earplugs for sleeping?

Last year I was looking for some sort of plug-in white noise machine. I didn’t find one. Then this year I’ve been looking at earbuds for listening to music whilst running. Then, very conveniently, I stumbled across QuietOn Sleep which are noise-cancelling earbuds specifically designed for a good night’s sleep. Billed as the “Best earplugs for sleeping“. Awesome !! Well, POTENTIALLY awesome. I’m going to be using them over the next month or so and report back later with a more detailed review.

The Earbuds

The two earbuds look just like standard true-wireless music earbuds. They come with a USB charging case that has an inbuilt ‘reserve’ battery. Charge time is about one hour and the QuietOn can hold 20 hours of charge. The charging case is used by many music earbud manufacturers and whoever invented in deserves a medal as your buds are nearly always charged and ready-to-go.

QuietON Sleep

Image Source: QuietON Sleep

My Experience of Snoring

I’m an occasional snorer, I suspect we all are. My partner snores a little more than I’d like which affects me getting to sleep and which sometimes wakes me up. Readers of this blog may well have seen in my sleep stats, from the reviews of many wearables, that I always go to bed after midnight; usually well after midnight. That’s so I’m exhausted and can fall asleep straight away. Unfortunately I then don’t get enough sleep.

The doctor was not much help and prescribed Zopiclone which works but is a) addictive and b) loses efficacy with continued usage. Also when I used Zopiclone I anecdotally noticed that my sleeping-HRV and waking-HRV were nearly always the same ie Zopiclone may well reduce or stop overnight adaptation.

So, I’ve also tried Speedo-style swimming earplugs. And these DO work, they stop nearly all the noise. Unfortunately I sleep on my side and these eventually dig into the sensitive skin in the inner ear. The skin in the inner ear also takes a long time to heal and I get repeated ear infections which can be extremely uncomfortable or painful. With regular pool swimming and open water swimming this poses a further infection risk. The solution to that is to stick a bit of vinegar in your ear every day to kill the bacteria.

#PITA. Or, to be more precise, it’s literally a Pain In The Ear.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Many earbuds offer noise cancelling features. Essentially they are designed to reduce unwanted environmental sound frequencies so that the music-listening experience is enhanced. They work either passively or actively. Passive cancellation is reduction from the physical design whereas ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION analyzes the waveform of incoming sounds and instantly produces the opposite wave. The two wave cancel each other out and VOILA! no sound. That was the physics lesson you weren’t listening to at school when you were 15 😉

The main difference with QueitOn is that this is designed with sleep in mind.

QuietOn make a bold claim as to their product’s effectiveness as you can see clearly in this chart.

QuietON Sleep

Image Source: QuietON Sleep

Specifically, QuietOn also appear to have addressed my specific concern associated with sleeping and lying down. Namely that soft foam is used to allow sleeping on the side

But note that there are no Bluetooth connections to play back music from your phone.

Price, Availability & Discounts

Want one? Read more on Indiegogo. This project is 1000% (one thousand percent) funded and the QuietOn Sleep can be initially backed/bought for a 33% discount at $159. Enjoy.

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  1. I tried many many different ear plugs and they all sucked (fitting wise)… Ohropax Classic (the waxy ones; it’s a mess) works best for me. I think my next update will be custom made (shop for hearing aids).

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