June 2018 – On my wrist this month

I sense a trend developing. For the equivalent post to this last month, I started off by saying “I set my target for last month a little too high”.   I could say it again but you get the point. These things take longer than you think. Longer than I think … and I’m the one doing it.

Suunto 9 ReviewMy ‘interesting gadget’ from last month is languishing in customs somewhere. I’m not quite sure which country.

I’ve squirreled out some content on the Suunto 9 over the last few weeks, as linked to below. I’m going to be using the Suunto 9 quite a bit this month. Firstly, I like the look of it…at least I do with the flat SPARTAN BARO strap on it. So that’s a good start to me using it. Secondly I can’t see the point in necessarily writing a comprehensive review as that would merely involve cutting and pasting stuff from the previous SPARTAN reviews. So maybe I will focus more on the new battery life (that will take 30 minutes) and then the FusedTrack which has turned out to be more interesting and ‘accurate’ than I originally thought. I’ll have to look at accuracy in some detail. Here are some thoughts on altimetry, the Valencell oHR unit should be similar to before, and the Sony GPS chip is still receiving tweaks AFAIK.

Suunto 9 BARO – First Runs & Rides


Someone is keen to send me a “Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2”. Which is very nice of them. I keep telling them that it’s the STRATOS in all but name but I’m not sure they believe me. Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I’ll have to do a giveaway (they take a lot of time) or maybe they’ll see sense. Who knows?

▷ Amazfit STRATOS Review – Triathlon Watch with Music


I’m putting some finishing touches to a review of some sporty-oHR earbuds from Jabra. And I will probably do shorter reviews of other earbuds too this month (Jabra, AfterShokz and Optoma). I’m ‘into’ my music at the moment.

I have to ‘test’ the accuracy of the new Favero ASSIOMA firmware on ovals. I had the Favero firmware a while back but have been waiting on Wahoo’s firmware update. That finally hit the net earlier this week, so all is good to go. All I have to do is work up some motivation to do relatively taxing sessions on a turbo trainer in my shed. My shed does have aircon BTW (i’s a posh shed) but I’m not really allowed to use the aircon. And it’s still a shed (sort of) and it’s still summer. I’m going through a nice phase of hitting power-duration PBs on the road eg today at 5 minutes, so I’m loathe to stop the FTP-improving ball from rolling at the moment. XertOnline tells me I can add on 40w to my FTP by September if I try really hard. Eeesh ! I’d take 30.

Wahoo ELEMNT & BOLT – New Firmware FIXES

It looks like the OTHER RING v2 is now shipping and I should have one of those any day soon. I’m not sure how easy or hard producing a review on that is going to be. If it’s similar to the previous ring, then no problemo. But I suspect the device has moved forwards quite a lot, it certainly looks very different.


I broke my Huawei mobile phone. Convenient as I didn’t like it. I jumped at a bargain Moto G5S only to be almost immediately told by Suunto Support that it was not on their supported list of phones. So, despite having Android 7.X I still might have pairing problems. Sigh. No I’m not going to buy an iPhone.

I also have the COROS PACE MULTISPORT arriving next week, if not tomorrow. But there won’t be a review on that until July at the earliest. I want to get some serious miles in with it, maybe a race and in any case I need to wait for some of the features in this month’s firmware before I’d use it in anger in any case.

That puts the LG Watch into the long grass for a month or so.

I will also be using the V650 for some testing of other devices, as I quite like it and it surpassed my expectations for, what is, an old device.

Polar V650 Review – 2018 New Features

There may be a few other things I can get my hands on which are either hinted at in the following post or stated outright.

June 2018: Sports Watch Update: ‘All’ new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models. Replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit…more



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5 thoughts on “June 2018 – On my wrist this month

  1. “Sigh. No I’m not going to buy an iPhone.”

    After the ‘initial invest’, you’ll save money (and gain more hassle free time) in the long term, as you get often updates for a long(er) period (https://i.imgur.com/ScAJan0.jpg). BTW: I sold (with huge loss) my Moto G5 in January as I had enough of ‘no/retarded updates’.

    1. i’d much rather keep trying to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again on my android device. if i keep doing EXACTLY the same thing i’m pretty sure that eventually it will work. getting things to work the first time is just boring. grrrrr

    2. ah. i’ve just seen the image.e. Security updates…aren’t they what microsoft used to call ‘things to slow your PC down with’. my once instantaneous-booting win10 pc now takes about 30 seconds.

      1. Many bug fixing and feature improvements happens with .n.n versions (7.0 > 7.1 > 7.1.1 > 7.1.2) or then with major (7.0 > 8.0) updates. Very difficult situation on Android.

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