Red WAHOO Bolt, Orange OH1 Strap & Polar Training Freebies

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Today is a multicoloured day of slightly extending product lives with new Product Variants. We have $18/£15 straps for the Polar OH1 (reviewed here) and two somewhat luridly coloured Wahoo Elemnt Bolts for £200.


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Users of the Polar BEAT app with a Polar HRM (H10/OH1) now get Polar’s smart coaching features for free. These are:

  • Fitness Test: enables athletes to gauge their current fitness levels with a simple five-minute test, and view how their fitness is progressing over time
  • EnergyPointer: gives athletes real-time guidance on what is the main effect of their workout
  • Benefit Target: allows athletes to set goals and receive real-time voice guidance to achieve them
  • Running Index: provides an easy to understand score based on speed and heart rate data that offers insight into how athletes’ running performance and efficiency are improving over time.


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