Vector 3 Fixed

Garmin have issued a detailed service advisory here (link If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself then you can send them off to be serviced by Garmin.

You should also receive a CODE for a free set of UPGRADED battery door covers. If that isn’t enough there is also a firmware v3.50 fix as well.

This will hopefully be a definitive fix for the pretty Vector 3 that was released in February.

What was the problem


Many Vector 3 users reported problems: link to forums on

The design of the door was flawed so then when in use in certain environmental condition, or just simply after a period of normal wear and tear, essentially a short-circuit occurred which rendered the pedals useless in many cases.

It was somewhat surprising that many of the reviewers and testers of the Vector 3 did not pick up this flaw.



What Now

If you are already a Vector 3 owner you have a range of options, I don’t know if your dealer includes returning the items as one of those options. You should DEFINITELY and PROMPTLY fix your pedals either yourself or via the dealer.

Thinking of buying Vector 3?

You might want to hold fire for a month or so until things settle down and we get in all the real-world tests of these new battery door covers.

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