STRYD CP vs 5k power

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It’s that time of the year again.

Race time.

You’ve been having lots of ‘fun’ with STRYD over the winter and many of us are getting to the point where the taper for our A race is in sight.

The Zone-based training we have been doing is relatively straightforward to grasp. But how does that translate to RACE POWER?

In the video from STRYD, below at 9:20, we get this simple table:

– 5K power is 103.8% of critical power
– 10K power is 100% of critical power
– Half marathon power is 94.6% of critical power
– Marathon power is 89.9% of critical power

I do NOT use the method that STRYD recommend for determining CP/FTP. However the CP that Golden Cheetah calculates for me near-exactly ties my CP in with my current 5K times @104%. And 94.6% of my CP is probably what I should be able to do for HM now if I raced that distance.


Take Out: Tentatively I would suggest that you should closely consider these recommended power levels for run-only races.

Target HIM Running Power with STRYD, IM too


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