New PowerPod Lite – Now Available

A new, cheaper PowerPod model is available – the PowerPod LITE model at$199 in the USA.

PowerPods are often discounted in sale periods AND you get 10% off with the code the5krunner10 at PowerMeterCity, below.

Velocomp PowerPod BLE
PowerPOD BLE Model Shown – The LITE Looks the Same

It will not have escaped your notice that you can now get a functional power meter for both cycling and running (STRYD) and roughly the same price points. For cyclists who already own a Direct Force Power Meter then there are other options to enable you to dynamically assess your drag, CdA.

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What’s New In The LITE Version

As the name implies and as the above chart shows, functionality is restricted to achieve the lower price. Otherwise it’s essentially the same hardware as the other PowerPod versions.

PowerPod LITE is best suited if you have one bike as it can only store one bike profile. The LITE version CAN still be moved to another bike and that would require a 5 minute recalibration. So if you change bikes INfrequently then you might find that OK.

Checkout the Velocomp PowerPod Review here

▷ PowerPod Review – ANT+ Power Meter (v3.0, BLE to follow)

Take Out

If you cycle a ‘fair bit’ and want to do better, then you will almost certainly perform better in TTs/triathlons if you maintain a relatively constant effort.

If your race involves hills then I would be near-certain that you currently expend WAY too much energy powering uphill. PowerPod claims 2% accuracy but even if you had 5% accuracy you would still soon realise with a power meter that, for example, a race target averaging 250w would be blown out of the water by you on numerous occasions going well over 350w – there really would probably be at least that many variations in your current technique. Without a power meter, you would never know that true level of variation.

There are many other Power Meter benefits too. (link to


All versions ship now and there are European resellers. Any reseller is free to discount as they see fit so you will find sales if you look around and wait. PowermeterCity (below) often have sales on this item and there is the additional 10% discount code you can use there as well (as shown below)


For a first-time power meter buyer with one or two bikes, this is a compelling product at around US$200/GBP200/EUR200. At higher price points, the likes of a 4iiii PRECISION crank (ANT+/BLE) or Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals quickly become more attractive power meter options.

Powermetercity often discounts and there is a further 10% off with my code, as shown below. That’s normally a well-priced option.

power meter city
10% Discount Coupon ‘the5krunner10’ or 10% store credit with Garmin

Use the 10% coupon (the5krunner10) at PMC.

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Over $320/£250/Eu300 and will fall periodically in 2018.


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3 thoughts on “New PowerPod Lite – Now Available

    1. i think it’s just setting a sensible new price point relative to single sided cranks and single sided assioma. also justifying the added value of the ble version and of the aeropod (which i think is a whole different ballpark)
      these will discount by 10% (maybe more??) from time to time.

  1. I just went and got myself refitted for my bike and coughed up a bunch of upgrades (new wheelset upgrade, new handlebars, new saddle) now looking for better pedals and shoes…and I have just the one bike…

    and then after all this…I blew my back out. Still, might be looking to go out and get one of these.

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