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The 935 is getting GALILEO too

Last week we saw that the Fenix 5 ORIGINAL range are getting GALILEO GNSS, first in beta before being rolled out probably in July.

Garmin * Fenix 5 Original * GETS GALILEO NOW – beta for 5, 5S, 5X and Chronos


But as of NOW (Wednesday 27 June, Source: garmin via dcrainmaker, below), lucky Garmin Forerunner 935 owners will get the full, released GNSS updates that includes GALILEO. ie *NOT* in beta. Just plug your 935 into Garmin Express and all should be good.

Changes made from version 9.10 to 9.60:

If you plug your 935 into Garmin Express before version 9.60 is available to you; sync; and unplug your device, then you should find that your GPS is updated to v4.4.0 mine is/was)

To be clear: After installing the GALILEO v9.60 update you MUST install v9.60 AND THEN SYNC AGAIN TO GET THE FOLLOWING SCREEN ie v2.20 (yes – two point twenty)


You will probably also need to upgrade Garmin Express to v6.6.0.0 (Gear Icon>About)

Suggestion: If it doesn’t upgrade NOW through Garmin Express (v6.5.10) then try through Connect Mobile…it might just work (probably not).

Remember: There has obviously been zero antennae redesign since the 935 has been in your possession and remember that this release is (I understand) single band GALILEO and remember that the GALILEO constellation of satellites is not yet fully operational. With those caveats, GNSS positioning and the INSTANT PACE that derives from it, may not be improved. But it might improve things. I’m CERTAINLY going to be testing that out. I’ve just got a few pesky races in the way. Grrrrrr.

Other devices have also been confirmed

As expected, these devices are also confirmed by the same source as being in line to be updated to GALILEO

GALILEO – Is it Rubbish?

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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