*New* Wahoo KICKR Headwind – Opinion

Just when you thought there was nothing left to be invented, Wahoo invented it.


Wahoo Headwind


Here we have the Wahoo Kickr HEADWIND.

In a nutshell, it’s a smart fan that can blow up to 30mph.

Using a speed sensor, it will blow at the speed you are riding to simulate airflow but could also be ramped up or down a notch to simulate a headwind or tailwind – hence the name. I’d presume there would be a manual override to perform its most basic function of keeping you cool, although if it genuinely simulates real road airflow then that should not usually be necessary.

From a cooling perspective it would need to be linked to watts/HR and ambient temperature.

You could get a bit cynical about some of these new trainer-related products. You could say that the Kickr Desert will follow (a hot, dry fan heater add-on) or the Kickr Hosepipe that simulates rain or the Kickr Gag that simulates reduced oxygen levels at altitude. You could.

You could also get excited about future developments at Zwift and other trainer-related platforms where wind effects might be added.

You could also test out the psychological effect of wind on how you perform. That could be interesting.

But actually I quite like the idea of an automatically adjustable, quiet fan that works well, although at $250 it’s a bit steep. Available for pre-order now and delivery from Mid July 2018 ie now. Stated as compatible with all kickr smart trainers.

KICKR 2018

The top-end KICKR smart trainer has been updated for 2018. It’s been marginally improved over previous years’ models and notably includes an optimised flywheel giving more realistic inertia from a slightly larger and heavier flywheel. Accuracy is still +/-2 % once calibrated.


Also announced is the KICKR CORE for 2018. Wahoo needed the means to enter the price bracket between their lower end SNAP and high-end KICKR. The Core sits in that space and is a modified KICKR.

Essentially it looks like it is the KICKR 2017 model with the SNAP stand and no cassette. It is also claimed to be quieter.

This is the one that most people will probably end up buying. I would.

KICKR CLIMB 2017 Availability

The Wahoo Kickr Climb was announced some months ago (2017) and it now looks like you can get your hands on one.




The Wahoo Trainer Products Range

  • Wahoo KICKR 2018: $1200
  • Wahoo KICKR CORE 2018: $900
  • Wahoo KICKR SNAP 2017: $600
  • Wahoo CLIMB 2017: $600
  • Wahoo HEADWIND 2018: $250
  • There are desk and floor mats too if you want to go all-out wahoo.

Take Out

Wahoo has completed their TRAINER line-up. Next will hopefully come new ELEMNTs and perhaps ‘other’ similar devices.

Wahoo’s Trainer price points are all sorted. There is possibly a space for an entry-level model but I’m not sure that Wahoo will necessarily want to go there. Their strategy to iterate new products annually or bi-annually should work.

Peripheral devices and accessories seem sorted and pretty much do what you’d expect them to.


Sources: wahoofitness.com,


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7 thoughts on “*New* Wahoo KICKR Headwind – Opinion

  1. 250? JESUS!!!

    my 20 Euro Fan & broomstick (to change the speed) will do 😀

  2. If I‘d invest 💸 into a new fan, I‘d take the Dyson AM07. The silhoute (high and sleek) is perfect when sitting on a bike as the blown air hits the full body – especially when put behind you (my favourite placing). It has a remote, is quite silent and very energy efficient.

      1. It seems to be as two “friends” of mine have ’em and are extremely happy with it. They said that they use the AM07 rarely in the highest setting. Maybe I’ll give it a try around Christmas, but really not sure.

        I’m currently quite happy with the cooling power of my dual setup (https://i.imgur.com/EpH9nIF.jpg each has three levels and is attached to cheap wireless remote sockets) – well, the look… is bit 🤷‍♂️.

      2. No need to feel inadequate, I don’t have aircon. But a mobile dehumidifier, as my sweat rate is at the higher end.

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