Where is the Garmin Forerunner 945 ? Hopes For September

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Garmin keep a keen eye on competitors’ prices. They also keep a keen eye on competitors’ product launches. I would imagine that their ‘Competitive Intelligence System’ scoops up the rumours and trade-chat of new products far better than I could ever hope to.

Let’s speculate that there could be a new triathlon watch (or two) in September or August…not from Garmin.

Typically a good, new product hopes to command higher prices when first released. So any new competitor of the Forerunner 935 could well have pricing around the $400-$450 mark.

The price for Garmin’s Forerunner 935 has been trending downwards  and last week tested out the $399 mark.



Let’s assume that ” Christmas is coming” 😉 and that is a great time to make a bit of cash with a new product.

Let’s assume that Garmin know when X and Y might release their new triathlon watches.

To scupper those product launches, what would you do if you were Garmin?


  1. Lower the Forerunner 935 to $399 or even lower? Maybe
  2. Lower the Fenix 5/5S Plus price? nope, even though it is a perfectly valid alternative product to the 935.
  3. Release a Forerunner 935 Plus? Yep. That must be simple enough. It will just be the Fenix 5 Plus in a plastic shell with one or two new tweaks at tri functionality (don’t forget it would incur the cost of an entire new product launch so the volume of sales needs to be there too)
  4. Release the 935 Plus but call it the 945? Possible, I guess. A bit confusing though.
  5. Release a Forerunner 745XT? This may well be the most likely. This product does apparently exist in some form, from info I have seen. Whereas I have heard no rumours at all about the 935 Plus.

The Forerunner 745XT would be something like the Forerunner 645 format but with tri functionality.

That would still leave scope to release a Garmin Forerunner 945 in 2019. Which would be the 935 with music, contactless payments and maps.

So do you wait for a cheaper 935 or a souped up 935 or a souped up 745XT? Or do you soup yourself up with some of this stuff…

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