Favero ASSIOMA – New, Free, Firmware Goodies

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At the end of April Favero introduced accuracy improvements to the ASSIOMA pedals, increasing the claimed accuracy to 99% (1% error) and matching the claimed accuracy of Garmin’s Vector 3.

Assioma – New V2 Firmware For Super Accuracy

The next firmware release is scheduled for August 21st and has some more practical goodies to add to the pedals. You should update your app and then update the pedals after pairing with the latest app. The previous update and this one are both worth installing IMO.


Here’s what you get on August 21st…

  • Apps compatibility – the data from both pedals (including power balance) is sent to programs like ZWIFT through one channel. This channel comes from the LEFT pedal. The setting is toggled on the app and your device must be repaired after changing it. Unless you specifically use something like Zwift then you will not need to change this setting. I would imagine that this will also help Suunto watch owners who can only read one channel, it should NOT affect Garmin/Polar.
  • Travelling/Shipping mode: This puts the device in sleep mode to preserve the charge until you next connect the ASSIOMA to a charger. So if y ou are flying somewhere or driving somewhere then DO use this BUT DO NOT FORGET to take your charger with you.
  • AUTO-POWER OFF Cutomisation – By default your ASSIOMA will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. This is a problem in T1 for triathletes who last paired and calibrated the device 10s of minutes previously. Sure they might miss a pedal stroke or two BUT they might also have problems re-establishing a connection to some head units and watches. Basically this setting leaves your pedals ALWAYS ON for the specified duration. You would want to remember to turn this off after the race.
  • Static Weight Test – this is useful to check your pedal’s accuracy periodically over time. It’s a bit time-consuming and you dangle weights off the pedals and do some calculations. It’s just a way to check if your power readings are plausible.
  • Calibration button: Zero offset directly from the Assioma App.
  • “Error 99” reduced: When the position of the bike is not completely upright or still (other scenarios too) then an Error 99 cn occur. These scenarios are reduced in number but not entirely eliminated

EDIT: Firmware v3.0 now live as of 30 Aug (actually earlier, thanks Boris, below for heads up)

I’d say these are all ‘very nice to have’. Perhaps the improved ZWIFT compatibility will be of most appeal to many but these relatively small improvements demonstrate an ongoing investment in trying to make as good a product as possible.

In my opinion, the continued development and general lack of bugs cements Favero’s position as the best power meter pedals for most riders and they’re also the cheapest on a like-for-like basis comparison to the direct competition.


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9 thoughts on “Favero ASSIOMA – New, Free, Firmware Goodies

  1. Great update, as the lack of “data from both pedals over one bluetooth channel” was a major hold back for me. Hopefully end of month I’ll be able to order a pair of DUOs.

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