STRYD Manual v3, STRYD Tidbits and STRYD Discounts gone

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STRYD Manual STRYD Review Apple WatchThe STRYD CIQ app on the Garmin site is now up to 11,200 downloads. Maybe not all of those people have bought STRYD but there are certainly other STRYD users who partner it with the Apple Watch, Polar and Suunto devices. So let’s say they are up to 11,000 customers!! Cool. Sounds good.

NB: I’ve no idea what the actual number of customers are.

STRYD seem to have finalised their distribution and pricing models. Whilst STRYD do seem to sell globally from in some GEOs they also fulfill locally and so help non-US customers with unwanted import duties.

In the EU STRYD’s main distributor is New Running Gear, although some STRYD units do occasionally seem to find their way onto Amazon from other sources.

Discounts have now stopped. So, unfortunately for you, it should be hard to find discounted STRYD or STRYD Live models anywhere, perhaps they may be reinstigated in 2019 if there is an upated model in the offing??

I found this recently. Version 3 of the STRYD manual. It’s not super-big and has embedded links to interesting sources of further info: stryd-power-manual-v3

Talking with STRYD (I don’t get any confidential insights per se) they have been building up the supporting infrastructure around the products this year (post STRYD-Live) so I’d imagine that would continue. But I don’t particularly have a steer as to whether or not they will be expanding the product offering with new hardware or new platforms like WearOS (remember MilestonePOD worked on a WearOS app although their product targets different segments of runner types in general)

STRYD Review 2020 🥇 STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter Footpod, Detailed

Availability & Potential Seasonal Discounts

I partner directly with STRYD in the USA and their distributor New Running Gear in the EU. The images below take you through to whatever current deal on STRYD there is at any given time in the USA/Canada. Thank you!

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Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. .



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They are also looking at finally offering a dual pod option. I got messaged by them earlier this year and asked about them doing this. They were, but costs (customer side) might be probationary especially in current owners. They did mention offering a reduced price for those that already have a pod.

Either way, still love my Stryd.


Well, and poor use of language on my part, I should have said they were open to a reduced price for current owners of Styd. And yes they were not definite on doing two pods.


Stryd and Runscribe do things differently. I have both and find the distance on runscribe frustrating and some of the stats on the stryd seem random (leg spring without any guide on what is good or bad or how to effect it).
I think for both to move forward they need to add something to their offering like analysis, either one time or on on going subscription or to team up/license with one of the sports watch companies (probably either Polar or Suunto as Garmin have their own thing going). 11000 units just isn’t that much to sustain a company.


Leg Spring Stiffness is a measure of how well a runner recycles the energy applied to the
ground. LSS has been shown to be correlated with running performance. Think of your leg
as a spring upon which your body “bounces.” The stiffer the spring, the less energy you
must produce to propel yourself forward with each step. This metric measures the
stiffness of the muscles and tendons in your leg. Increases in LSS can indicate economy
improvement over time. What is a “good” LSS value? LSS is individual and cannot easily
be compared across different runners and should be standardized for body weight in
your own comparisons over time. For this reason, trends in LSS/kg for specific speeds
should be the focus of the analysis. Dynamic mobility and biomechanics drills along with
strength training and hill repeat workouts have been shown to improve leg stiffness
and running economy. All that said, LSS for most athletes ranges from 6 to 14 kN/M.


Yeh, I’ve read that, as I said, pretty random. Your LSS can’t be compared to others and can only be compared when you weigh the same and run at the same pace.


Stryd £160 – looks good value