September – New Products – Getting the info out there differently this time

Fitbit Surge Polar Garmin Epson
Blasts from the past

There ‘might’ be some announcements this month. Or not, who knows 😉

For a change, this month I will try to auto-schedule new content and info like that on my Instagram feed. The Instagram feed always contains different content to this blog – usually an existing but cropped image and some original text (with the obligatory hashtags).

Although if there are any new watches then I might post some of the imagery for a hands-on/review FIRST on Instagram. Let’s see how it pans out

The latest Instagram post is shown below and you can go and follow … if you like.



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9 thoughts on “September – New Products – Getting the info out there differently this time

  1. Please don’t. Post it here too. With all the gentle reminders to become a supporter, I did. And now the news is you’ll post things first on instagram.

    1. confirm your email to me in**@th*********.com and i will try to send some images through to you first (and any other supporter who wants it if i can).
      the supporter status does give exclusive access to content that is not time sensitive. New releases ARE time sensitive

    2. on reflection – what i will do is create one post of unique content for supporters. That way I will meet my aim to do one ‘notbale’ piece of content per month for supporters (which i’ve managed to do so far but i guess ssupoprters might not have realised…just that non-supporters woudl realise they can’t see something!!)

      1. A supporters first post would be nice.
        But I’ll send you an email anyway as it would be nice to see any new photos/opinions on a new products out there, maybe from a Finnish manufacturer. 🙂
        In other news the barometer broke on my V800, looking for something to replace it with. Any ideas? 😀

  2. So, you clearly have the new Polar watch and are under an embargo, as I thought you had posted the leaked images (maybe you hadn’t?) but you always post that kind of stuff… which means you don’t want to mess up your relationship with them. Hopefully it meets/exceeds all expectations.

  3. Completely unrelated question: if you someone was in the market for a high end running/triathlon watch and was thinking of purchasing today… would you tell them to hold off for a week or two?

  4. POLAR to be released at the Berlin Marathon, I wonder if they will get one on the winners wrist, give them some kind of ad-vantage?

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