new Oura Ring – First Look – New 2018 Model – $50 Discount

The new Oura Ring is a sleep and activity tracker, it’s one of the leading wearable tech rings – probably the leading one. The new Oura Ring has more features than the original Oura Ring and with a significant makeover both in terms of the physical appearance of the ring as well as with the app. I’m in the process now of writing up a more detailed “new Oura Ring Review“. For now, here are my first look and first impressions.

New Oura Ring Review

What’s New?

A lot has changed. Overall I would say it has changed for the better and the aesthetics will probably appeal to a wider audience.

The ring

The new Oura Ring has an entirely different aesthetic look compared to the original and is a more conventional band design. This time there are colour options and subtle design variation options. It is notably smaller and also it is lighter. It can still be worn on any finger but probably best on an index or wedding finger.

My new Oura ring is a silvered, band made from titanium with a scratch-resistant diamond-like coating (DLC).

New Oura Ring Review

Battery life has been significantly extended ‘up to’ 7 days and the ring itself is claimed to have a greater processor and more memory to store your sleep and activity data before a sync to the app is required.

There is a new (better) wireless, Oura Ring charger & cradle which connects to a standard USB port. BUT BUT BUT the cable for the wireless charging cradle is the newer USB-C type. USB-C is different to and incompatible with the standard micro USB connectors that you are used to.

New Oura Ring Review

Even though the ring is smaller, Oura have managed to squeeze in a gyroscope which should hopefully deliver improvements to activity tracking (see later review)

There is an updated body temperature sensor which sounds relatively trivial. BUT this should better enable female health tracking.

Firmware for Oura Ring Review v0.30.1 (3Sep2018)

The new Oura Ring App used in the Oura Ring Review

  • NEW iOS and Android Oura Ring app – users of the original Oura ring WILL be able to use the new app although not all new features on the app are compatible with the old ring. The new app has an entirely different look and feel, although is based on a similar underlying set of data from the ring.
  • Q3/Q4.2018 has plans to include live HR and HRV tracking for meditation and relaxation activities

Here is a flavour of the new Oura Ring app’s look and feel

oura ring review

comapred to the original version

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What is the same

Like the first Oura ring, the new Oura ring tracks:

  • Night-time ECG-level resting heart rate (rHR), Interbeat Interval (IBI sometimes referred to as RR) and heart rate variability (HRV);
  • Sleep stages (Deep, REM, light), sleep timing, duration and quality – helps you decide how to improve your deep sleep;
  • Respiratory rate, breathing variance;
  • Body temperature;
  • Movements;
  • Intensity, timing and length of physical activities; and
  • Inactivity and sedentary time, including alerts

Sleep improvement guidance is also given along with alignment to circadian rhythms.

New Oura Ring Review


Summary & Opinion

The new ring and app looks great to me from what I’ve seen so far. As always, the proof will be in the detailed insights that are delivered.

The first Oura Ring was always intended as more of a SLEEP and RECOVERY tracker. Let’s see if this new version can get an improved handle on activity as well.

Edit: October 19 2018 – I’ve been using the New Oura  Ring for over a month…#AWESOME. There are some issues with syncing data with non-supported Android devices. Essentially the new Oura Ring is better in every respect to the original Oura ring.

Price, Availability & Discounts

The new Oura Ring will only be available direct from Oura and not from Amazon or eBay.

Prices start from $299 / 314 € going up to around $1000 for a diamond version.

$50 Discount using the promo code: the5krunner10

Oura are just coming to the end of an extended period of fulfilling pre-orders. As of September 2018 my understanding is that this process is now mostly complete, so the wait times from earlier in the year are now very much reduced. Looking at the iOS and Android app download you can see there have been MANY thousands of downloads which, presumably, reflect a similar number of actual sales of the rings.

Fulfillment of orders by Oura is, this time round, a little trickier as there are many more size and design/colour combinations to accommodate. #PriceOfSuccess

Here is a flavour of the 3 designs with up to 4 finishes per design. A sizing kit can be sent before you order the size.

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If you want to help this blog and grab yourself a $50 discount into the bargain use this code at checkout: : the5krunner10

Buy here:

The image below shows the discount code being applied on checkout

Click for code the5krunner10 gives $50 oura ring discount


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Thank you for the overview. Love to read your full review when you have used it for a couple of weeks. How the new app works, how the readiness score matches up to your actual training load and “feel”, accuracy of sleep tracking and activity scores.

Mirko Surf&Run
Mirko Surf&Run

I have some doubts on accuracy tracking of sleeping of my Garmin Forerunner 35. Tonight it recorded 5h41min of sleep from 23:44 to 5:35. Deep sleep 1hour 19minutes Light sleep 4hour 32minutes Awake 11minutes The time that I went to sleep and the time that I woke up are accurate. I can’t say anything about the accuracy of deep and light sleep, but it seems that it matches the periods of the nights where the graph of the “movement” shows less movement. When I woke up, I went to the computer and I wrote something for circa an hour. Then I went to bed again and fall asleep. Looking at the graph of my heart rate, I believe that I slept other 2 hours from 7:15 to 9:32, and I think it was quite deep (heart rate was costant about 42 bpm). The watch didn’t register anything about this sleep, for the watch I was still awake. I read other comments in DCR website where thay say that their Garmin watches couldn’t see the naps during the day, while for example Fitbit or other brands can do this correctly. So I am a bit perplexed about the accuracy of the… Read more »


First of all, please pardon my english. Secondly, I have the new Oura since mid july. I was lucky enough to order the old one when it went out of production and they told me i could have a refund or wait another six months and try the new ring. I went for the second option.. (it was late november) So, even if unconclusive (obviously),my impressions are based on almost two months of daily use. Just to clarify, I’m a 30 something male, I do fitness activies 4 times a week, etc. I’m an ‘hobby athlete’. I never wore a ring before (i swear!), but it doesnt bother me at all. My goal was/is to have the oura on me 24/7 to track my overall health, recovery and sleep while wearing all my other gadgets only to track my specific activities. I can say I’ve been very impressed with this tiny little gadget and they are adding little things along the way like, for example, measuring hrv during naps or rests (which funny enough sometiems the ring thinks is ‘everytime i sit down on a chair while working in front of a screen’ but I’m digressing..). It’s so tiny and… Read more »


Thanks man!