Polar Vantage – Queue Jumping & A 10% discount (USA)


Polar Vantage V Review, Polar Vantage M Review

Retail Pricing

Both the Polar Vantage M and Polar Vantage V are available NOW for pre-order with delivery in late October.

  • Vantage M : $/€279.00
  • Vantage V: $/€499.90
  • Vantage V (H10 Bundle): $/€549.90

Vantage M does not need H10

MORE  INFO: You can find all related posts listed in this tag as I add them https://the5krunner.com/tag/PolarVantage.

Size/Colour Options

  • Vantage M : Sizes S-M : Colour options black or white straps
  • Vantage M : Sizes M-L : Colour options black, white, or red straps.
  • Vantage M : Recycled PET, interchangeable accessory bands : Colour options white melange, orange and petrol
  • Vantage V  : Sizes M-L : Colour options black, white, or orange straps.
  • Vantage V  : Size S : Additional $/€9.90

A Polar Vantage Review will not follow until late October and that will be with a proper production model not this beta unit.

Availability & Discounts

Initial availability through Amazon is likely to be delayed in the USA and Europe. Initial discounting in the Eu will likely be discouraged.

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Polar Vantage 10 % off discount coupon promotion code

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