RunScribe Plus – Ready to go – Sensor Fusion is * LIVE *

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RunScribe have finally announced today that the longstanding ‘sensor fusion‘ beta process is finished – ie Sensor Fusion is LIVE.

This means that the pace/distance calculations should now be notably more accurate if you are coming from a previous non-beta version. I am assuming that this will also feed through into a more refined running power calculation. Running Power is also LIVE.

  • If you already have RunScribe Plus then you need to follow the instructions below to update the firmware and double-calibrate the pods.
  • If you are looking to buy some Pods then now is a sensible time (details and discounts below)
    • RunScribe Plus definitely gives the most detailed gait mechanics for a runner. For a start it has LEFT and RIGHT stats.
    • RunScribe Plus should give you notably more accurate pace/distance than most other pods – perhaps only STRYD will be slightly better.
    • If you are ONLY looking at running with power then RunScribe Plus *IS* a contender but you will also need to consider: Garmin Running Power (sort of free but likely least accurate); Polar Vantage V (October 2018 release); and STRYD


Clickable, I will clarify the Vantage V offering as more details emerge and as I start to play (I mean train) with it.

RunScribe Plus Update Tips

  1. Upgrade pods to firmware >v36.01 via the smartphone app
  2. On a table: Then on the app RS Tools -> Calibrate Flat.
  3. On your shoes: Then on the app RS Tools -> Calibrate Mounting


If you want to see what RunScribe went through to get this as correct as they could before calling the product ‘final’ then have a look here: @beta_sensor_fusion (You eill probably need to join the beta group first tho)

RunScribe Plus Review – Footpod & Running Power Meter




V3 RunScribe Plus Pricing: USA $250, UK/EU GBP250


If you want to get a pair of RunScribe pods now you can buy direct from RunScribe in the USA using the image links below. It might find its way onto Amazon from time to time.

Either link supports this blog in a small way. Thank you for reading this RunScribe Plus Review.

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2 thoughts on “RunScribe Plus – Ready to go – Sensor Fusion is * LIVE *

  1. Great to see this!! It’s been a long road, but RS simply has to get their product out there before others come along and eat their lunch (zwift/milestone?). Looking forward to your full review, and I assume one from DCR too.

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