Polar Flow app – iOS Vantage M/V support now live

Today’s ‘little’ release of the iOS version of Polar Flow just fixes a minor crash. Or does it?


Here are the details if  you want a look: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/polar-flow/id717172678?mt=8

But ! v3.7.9 is now the LIVE version as far as the Polar Vantage M/V is concerned. ie there is no iOS beta of FLOW for Vantage…it’s live.

If you poke around your iOS FLOW app then you may (or probably may not) notice some changes.

The same thing applies to the online FLOW platform. That is now ‘live’ as far as Vantage users are concerned.

I have not seen any Android beta version.

Don’t get too excited as it may simply be the case that various bits of FLOW functionality are only activated if you have registered a VANTAGE watch and/or have used the FLOW SYNC v3. So, for now, maybe only Vantage owners see a slightly different version. The same is probably also true with FLOW online where, for example, I can see the customisable Running Power zones and running power Zone Lock.



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3 thoughts on “Polar Flow app – iOS Vantage M/V support now live

  1. Sadly, it is mostly a bug fix.

    They had an issue two days before, possibly due to a roll out of Vantage related functionality, which would result in Training page first freezing and then crashing the app on iOS. If you didn’t tap on some other page while the app was unresponsive, you would no longer be able to start it and would need to re-install. Also, orthostatic tests from V800 would sync wrong: while they would go into Flow, they would end up in 2010 bucket — that’s too early even for V800! — instead of the current period.

    To be honest, would have been nice if Polar didn’t treat the platform as a staging environment. But they did fix the issue and fixed it fast.

  2. Oh, and none of the Vantage goodness — power zones or lock, for example — are available to us mere mortals. It seems pretty much what it was (sad panda!)…

    1. hopefully happy panda soon.
      yes i appreacite what the release notes say.
      the communication to the beta group was that the beta is no more and the vantage functionality is in this release.

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