*NEW* Garmin Leak ! And what about the 745XT/945?

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NB: Chronos

We have the mysteriously named @Jane to thank for the first one. Thank you.

First Up:

Garmin have registered a new Trade Mark for a MARQ product. Here is what is says about the GPS-based wrist-worn wearable

“Wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wrist smartwatch for providing software and display screens for viewing, sending and receiving texts, emails, data and information; electronic devices in the form of a wristband or bracelet incorporating a display screen and/or software for viewing, sending and/or receiving texts, emails, data or other information, namely, activity trackers; Global Positioning Systems (GPS); software and hardware for use in navigation or for use in GPS; GPS incorporating a watch, GPS incorporating watches or horologic instruments; GPS incorporating watches or horologic instruments, altimeters, barometers, compasses, wireless communication device featuring data and image transmission and sensors for the determination of temperatures; and parts of and fittings for the aforesaid goods”

That could describe the intended functions or it could be a catch-all phrase to cover a category.

But it sure looks like a GPS wrist watch to me.

MARQ sounds like “Marque” and that has an air of ‘high-end’ about it. Perhaps this is a replacement for the Chronos? (edit yes…link here to Garmin MARQ latest!!) Or perhaps this is another high-end device but which is not a Fenix (the Chronos is a Fenix).

Then again it could be hunting/shooting related. Grrrr.

Perhaps this could be Garmin’s entry into WearOS? Remember I do KNOW that there will be a NOTABLE new WearOS sports watch release and I discussed it somewhat mysteriously here (link to: the5krunner.com).


I finally got around to testing the Polar V650 (reviewed here) on my GPS test route. Best score ever. Just sayin’ (It’s easier on a bike to get a good score)

I also reviewed soem GPS tests for the Fenix 5S Plus (GPS vs GPS+GALILEO) from arond 13 Aug aftera firmware change (v3.2, GPS v2.2). GALILEO still wasn’t good but, actually, the GPS-only track was sweet (79% joint best ever Garmin result).


I thought of this the other day but never quite got around to mentioning it here.

Have a look again at this image from way back when CIQ3 was announced earlier this year.

I didn’t think much of it at the time but look closely at where it says FAMILY.

Fenix 5 plus/non Plus, 5S, 5, 5X and 935. OK that really IS A family of watches

But the 645 Music and the 645….hmmm that’s a childless family. I’d call that a couple and NOT a family. Are there more 645s to come? The word ‘family’ would imply so.

Perhaps there could be a 645T – a tri replacement for the 745XT? The FR745 is supposed to exist (and could be renamed as release gets closer). After all the 735XT seems to be out on its own somewhat.

I would also bet that Garmin had a tri release lined up for September but have now delayed it to annoy Polar when the Vantage V and Vantage M are released to the public in October.

So, in October, will Garmin bring us a: 645T, Forerunner 745, 945, something else, nothing, or a WearOS watch. I know, probably a Vivokids 2.4.

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Remember the discussion of what needs to be in the Fenix 6..? A few thousand of you have voted in this poll already

And there were also a similar number of you suggesting improvements for the 935.

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11 thoughts on “*NEW* Garmin Leak ! And what about the 745XT/945?

  1. I’d like to see a wearOS Garmin but I feel like it may cannibalise their sales a little with casual Fenix users opting for that. Then if Garmin has a successful wearOS watch there will be dozens of copycats.

    1. Hi James and a belated welcome. (still doing the dolpin stuff?)
      with a range like Garmin’s there will always be canabalisation. Is there anyone that actually understands the full logic behind where all their products sit?
      A WearOS Garmin watch would help STOP some switching from Garmin to Wear OS in many categories – how many? I don’t know.
      It would also open up a new section of potential customers. How big, I don’t know
      plus, lets face it, WearOS watch screens look about one million times better than Garmin screens. (approx)
      copycats…yep, that is the nature of a dynamic market. eg there are copycat Fenix watches on indiegogo. That would be one way garmin could help fight apple’s dominance

  2. Interesting. Garmin has got big problems getting the key apps to their IQ store (memory limits being one), so it would kind of make sense to make leverage WearOS for general app smartwatch use and port their own core functions as an app with IQ platform for sport specific stuff like datafields etc.

    With the new Qualcomm chip enabling (much?) longer battery life this might actually sound like a plausible option for them or any other sports watch manufacturer.

    Only question is, can they fit in ANT+ ? I know it has been on certain phones (mainly top end Samsung models) in past, but is it possible to add this on WearOS device?

    1. good question. i hadn’t got to the point of thinking of that.
      i guess anything is possible but i don’t think that would work.

      i expect garmi to release ble+ant+ joint sensors soonish (eg hrm and footpod) that would solve that problem you envisage with ant+

      i cant see (for now) garmin leaving the garmin conenct environemnt as its main raison d’etre. so i would envisage a Garmin WearOS watch that runs a Garmin Connect WearOS app. that app would then port back to the proper garmin conenct on your smartphone (that’s just how polar did it).

      i cant see CIQ apps being ported to WearOS in any way…but that;s my naiivity in not knowing exactly what would be needed. i’d assume it would require starting from scratch??

      1. Probably too much of a long shot, just toying with the idea. It’s true however that if the Snapdragon 3100 rumors are true about battery life then it would open a lot of new possibilities for proper sport watch use for whatever manufacturer that chooses to build on it. As an added bonus smartwatch functionality and stuff like LTE / music would already be baked in the OS.

  3. Good article, thanks for posting.

    I’ve got a 735xt just now, and am keen on music + barometer as minimum additional features. quite happy to wait – Fenix 5 Plus is a bit rich for my taste.

    I’m not quite sure where 735xt fits in with regards to 645 family and 9×5 family – is there a genuine space for 745 between a 645 triathlon version and a 945? I might be missing something, but I did wonder if the 7×5 line quietly disappears?

    1. quite.
      the 7×5 line might disappear. htat was part of my thinking on this one too. the CIQ slide implied as much ie that the 645 family COULD include a tri watch – lacking in some high end features (ie not pro watch) BUT having all the bells and whistles (music etc) that a keen amateur athelte/gadget lover would pay more for
      if there is a genuine space then Garmin will fill it with a product
      even if there’s ‘perhaps a space…garmin will try and fill it 😉

      1. I guess the question is if its actually Garmin’s strategy is not to care that 645 and 7×5 overlap. As you say, if there is perhaps a space, they give it a try 😀
        I think historically there is quite often an overlap in a lot of their lines, so I guess they are often happy to have a couple of things very similar, and let the consumer figure it out.

        If 645 is generally high end, but not pro – i’d assume (and am hoping) 945 is pro but cheaper than F5+ (i.e. plasticy). I’m not a big triathlete, but do enough biking and swimming that the 645 probably isn’t for me…

  4. Is there any update on a new tri watch replacing 735xt, such as 745xt? With existing functions, better battery and music would be perfect!!

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