Polar Vantage Roadmap

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Polar Vantage V Review, Polar Vantage M ReviewHere is the roadmap for future updates on the Polar Vantage series

Existing functionality details here (link to: the5krunner.com)

Version 1.X Sales Release Oct 2018: Applies to V&M

To be implemented for the Sales Release

  • Automatic pause
  • Phased training targets

Version 2.0: Applies to V & M (Dec 2018)

  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Interval timer
  • Enhancements for existing features.

Version 3.0: Applies to V & M (Q1-Q2.2019)

  • Smart notifications (calls, messages, unsure of app notifications)
  • Back to start
  • Enhancements for existing features.

Vantage V only

  • Waypoint navigation for downloaded routes

Version 4.0: timing and devices to be confirmed


  • Strava Live Segments
  • Fitness Test
  • Other

Closing Thoughts

It looks like Polar have listened. The waypoint navigation should hopefully meet the needs of many of those that shouted the loudest (good job…it works!!). But as you can see this will be for the Vantage V model only.

My PERSONAL expectation is that the power zone functionality for running is up and running. Especially that is running power zones based on MAP (FTP) and Zone Lock for running with power.

Price, Availability & Discount

The Polar Vantage M retails at $260/GBP250/Eur280,

The Polar Vantage V retails at $499/GBP439/Eur499

The Polar Vantage now has general availability. There do not seem to be widespread discount yet in the EU. I’ve included the best deals below but you will find a better deal at New Running Gear and Power Meter City. New Running Gear (NRG), below, were also bundling in GBP50 of running freebies.

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http://geni.us/PolarVantage to buy in UK/Eu/USA
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices could fall below existing level from 2019 onwards £249/$259/Eu279. .
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices could fall below existing level from 2019 onwards £439/$499/Eu499. .

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Hello, a small correction to Version 3.0: Applies to V & M (Q1-Q2.2018)…. => Q1-Q2.2019!

Is 2019 not 2018. We should need a time machine ; ) Feel free to delete this after correct it.



So smart notification possibly in June 2019… couple that with your comment from the other thread on GPS accuracy after latest firmware update, that it’s still on and off and it’s kinda tricky to pull a trigger on this one.


Please note that V800 still does not have training notifications during training sessions for Android. Only IOS. This information seems to be deliberately hidden from all marketing materials, only buried deep in the manuals.

Markus G

Oh, nice. With navigation it starts to become of interest for me again.
In Q2 2019 we should also see how the Sony GPS will perform from real world usage.
I’ll evaluate again next year for sure.


It would also be great to get clarification on the smart notifications as to whether it is similar to the v800/m400 families. With those devices, I believe DURING activity you only received call notifications, whilst texts and emails did not come thru. Any idea if that is the same on the vantage series devices?

Glenn Jean

Thank you for the post. Any word on race pace? It is my favorite feature.

Glenn Jean

Any updates on Race Pace? Best feature to meet a Pr.


Can you ask for advanced race pace so you can program in negative splits etc in Polar Flow.


Agree 100% and instead of focusing on “Smart notifications (calls, messages, unsure of app notifications)” which is useless in daily training they shall be focusing on core features which can either make it real v800 successor or neither v800 nor m600 migration path. Navi is great selling point for me – including profile navigation (what to expect while racing on unknown track) and proper interval training is what i would be missing.

James Duncan

I’m an ultraendurance athlete and it is also crucial there – the maths on what the required average pace is on the remaining 450k is not something I want to do when I haven’t slept in two days. Not having that is a deal killer, and the software dev work is not complex. So frustrating!

…and I’d think that I’m pretty much core audience for liking the 40 hour battery life.


This is both good and (just slightly) bad news. Good that navigation is on the roadmap (and kudos to Polar for listening). Slightly bad news that implementation could be almost eight months away in the worst case. I need a new watch and that’s a long time to wait before making a move.


With V800 much of what was planned within a few months took 2 years. Only buy your watch based on what it has now.
A few things for V800 were not done at all. I.e. call notifications during activity for Android phones.


Oh, I have no intention of buying the Vantage V before route nav actually shows up on the watch! And if it hasn’t done so by late February I’ll be forgetting about Polar and heading for Suunto. I’m not willing to wait indefinitely.


Regarding navigation specifically for the Vantage V Polar officially announces “Waypoint navigation for downloaded routes: Discover new routes from other users in Polar Flow and third-party services.” What do they mean by WAYPOINT navigation? I hope this refers to following a route functionality as it is implemented in V800 and Garmin devices.


Power zones with zone lock – that would be the killer. I will send Polar flowers once that is implemented 😉


polar isnt the fastest in pushing out new firmwares/updates as we saw in the past on V800/M400 with smart notifications etc.
i hope this time it is in time!

im not 100% sure if i should get the Vantage in this state of development.


tbh there is (for me) no real alternative (had a 935 which i regretted buying, dont like the suuntos).
i´m happy with my m400, bought it right away when they released it. trainingwise its enough for me, the features are ok, except sometimes i wish a few more hours of battery and a barometric alt would be nice!
for daily use a color screen would be just nice. the oHR, if it can fully replace a breast sensor – i dont need RR recordings, would definitely make me buy it.


Still I don’t like the fact that companies release unfinished products – not only polar! – and keep pushing basic features into firmware updates. Basic features = features the Predecessors already had ( smartphone notifications, intervals, stopwatch etc.) Looks like polar didn’t finish in time but were forced to release it because of Christmas!

On the other side a pro of polar is that they support their products long and don’t release new watches every year with mini changes! At garmin I would always have the feeling to have soon an old watch even if I’d buy the latest one because they push out watches sooooo often!


Thanks. Does Interval Timer mean capable of pre-programmed structured workouts with targets for each step?


I think this is fundamental. As others have commented here, having made the decision to concentrate on crafting a serious training tool rather than compete with Garmin and its gadgets, they need to concentrate on doing exactly that. And structured interval training is surely an essential part of that. More so than smartphone notifications.


Since their phases can synchronize with nothing (and i am not sure it’s even visible externally – since i wasn’t able to find them in tcx file) advanced interval timer planner would be much appreciated (assuming they would keep the phase to lap mapping as it’s in v800 right now).


I suspect that this should be covered by means of phased training targets (which will be there at launch).


But this is polar flow’s feature. And these phases are visble only in flow. They’re not mapped to laps in other platforms – e.g. Strava or TP and TBH i do not see them looking at the xml/tcx file. This is a bit different with interval timer on v800 itself – it maps intervals to laps – and this way you can analyze the training on any other platform easily.


And to add to that – they’re just not using the data properly – no matter if it’s phased or interval training – when it is planned in flow complete training is set as a single lap (you can see it in tcx file). When you run the interval timer on v800 every step/phase is properly set as a lap in tcx file. IMO this is easy thing to “repair” on flow end. And since you can’t “catch” a lap while transitioning between phases – as the watch is not accepting it – it’s even more important either to fix that on flow platform or give users proper interval planner on the watch.

James Duncan

Is race pace never coming back? As a V800 owner, that’s a deal killer to me.

Edit: I see this is being discussed later in the comments. Consider this my +1 to that.


Any updates on gps accuracy with the new firmware?


Do you mean that Polar will change the chip or the antenna with the final watch hardware?


Hardware tweaks? What kind? You keep on saying that you have old hardware which indicates that there will be some hardware changes to the final product…


so it is just a wishful thinking? or you have some indication?


sorry if it came out the wrong way, I was just hoping that GPS inaccuracy that was reported by you and DC will be better in retail units thanks to some mystical HW changes. I guess I just really want to love it before ordering one.


Im waiting for the reviews of the first end user devices aswell. I hope they made the
GPS more accurate and keep on pushing out the promised features soon.

Are the prices controlled by polar? When do you expect first discounts?


they were all sent units that were made in august or july. polar will be making the consumer units now. polar won’t give a running commentary to bloggers on what they are doing