LEAK: Huawei Watch GT – Firstbeat Goodies

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The Huawei Watch GT will be announced ‘soon’.


Yesterday brought some interesting changes to the Huawei Health app on Android. These changes show new Firstbeat features that don’t seem to be able to work with any existing Huawei device. Hmmm. Strange.


What could that possibly mean 😉

The Huawei Health app shows that ‘something’ (ie Huawei’s Watch GT) will be compatible with Firstbeat’s Anaerobic Training Effect. This is a new feature to Huawei and builds upon the 7 Firstbeat features already in the Watch 2 (further below)

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if the Watch GT has LESS Firstbeat features than the Watch 2 (ie it won’t).

By the looks of Huawei are starting to take all of the sporting insights much more seriously. My ‘suspicion’ (is it? or do I know?) is that Huawei will be trying to rival Garmin with their investments in customer SPORTING physiology functionality.

Remember that this is probably not running WearOS 2.0 but it will still look prettier than any Garmin watch screen. Their Watch 2 was ‘pretty enough’ as a watch. The issue for Huawei will be the accuracy of the oHR and the accuracy of GPS *AND* the compromises they have to make to eeek a paltry day or two battery life out of all the power-hungry innards. But just how power-hungry will they be? As they appear to be running their own customised OS we might see some big performance improvements over what is possible with WearOS 2.

INSIGHT: Huawei Watch GT – “Influencer” Marketing

New Firstbeat Goodness



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Hello again.

Thank you for the news. I already added it to my theme in foroatletismo (updated), explained it in a post and added a link to this leak ; )

About the old Huawei watches flaws … The battery and duration seems now improved with the new SoC and OS. The new optical heart rate sensor seems to be promising and now they have added GALILEO, maybe with a new chip? I hope that they’ve improved the software and drivers too. Fingers crossed. If all end confirmed, and you believe that could be a good sports daily or dedicated watch, with luck, perhaps you could catch a test unit, through Firstbeat? Who knows : )

As was predicted, the actual fine line between sport watches and smartwatches seems that it continues to dilute.



Ok, well, if Huawei want to reach the runners as customers they should reach and contact reviewers like you. We’ll see what happen. If i discover something new and interesting that worth know about the watch i’ll contact you. And yes, skepticism and doubts, doubts that should be dissipated in this regard. Thanks


The live event, today, for the Mate 20 series where the Watch GT is supposed to be released and probably the smart band TERRA at 14h local time in London is:

; )