Montblanc £935 Sports Watch – Who needs a cheap Garmin?


OK OK, I exaggerated. This new sports watch is not £935, one variant is actually £1045 (gulp) and, admittedly, there is a ‘cheaper’ version coming in at £845.


This is a new series of smart/fitness watches from Montblanc. You know them? The power meter people? Oh, no, I was getting confused with pens. Good pens though.

Being more serious; this IS a genuinely noteworthy and interesting announcement. I’ve included the official specification and press release further below and you can see from them that the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch is using the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor to speed up Google’ WearOS 2.0.

This is THE FIRST of the new generation of WearOS watches



You get a whole day of smart goodness on the battery (15 hours of GPS usage will be rolled out AFTER launch). Although a decent 4 days as a ‘watch’.

The construction specs look impressively ‘quality orientated’ with titanium and sapphire glass. The screen is a tasty 390x390px.

They’ve even got the nice people at Firstbeat in on the act with the inclusion of Firstbeat’s VO2max algorithm. This seems to be the badge of honour that new sports watch makers seem to want as a nod to some of their sporty clientele. I’d imagine that Firstbeat are delighted with that!

Montblanc will also be introducing an EXCLUSIVE “Running Coach” from Firstbeat with real-time coaching that pulls of customised plans from VO2max estimate. Indeed 5 Firstbeat features are supported as shown below

Press release here.

50m of water and super light. It even looks nice. Garmin will be quaking in their boots..maybe

Whilst this is the first watch to use the new WearOS processor, Huawei’s Watch GT should also have been using it BUT IS NOT USING it and so there is a little dwindling of support for WearOS moving forwards despite Montblanc going down, what I think is, the sensible route.

Don’t hold your breath for me to test one.


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