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The RunScribe app for WatchOS is just about ready to hit iTunes. We should see it released on 1 November according to RunScribe founder Tim.

And what’s the price of that app…err. Nothing, of course. You just need a pair of the RunScribe Plus pods.

RunScribe is a pretty accurate running pod for pace and distance – MUCH more accurate than GPS. It will also produce running power stats for your Garmin (it doesn’t look like these are on the WearOS app yet). But the major differentiator for RunScribe Plus is twofold

  1. Dual sided metrics
  2. VERY advanced and insightful running gait metrics

You can do some really clever things (see the review below) eg like looking at how your different types of run OR different types of shoe affect your impact forces – lower impact forces equals faster and less injury prone.


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RunScribe Plus Review – Footpod & Running Power Meter



V3 RunScribe Plus Pricing: USA $250, UK/EU GBP250

DISCOUNT CODE: SCtfk10 (UK, USA and EU – shipping from USA)

If you want to get a pair of RunScribe pods now you can buy direct from RunScribe in the USA using the image links below. It might find its way onto Amazon from time to time.

Either link supports this blog in a small way. Thank you for reading this RunScribe Plus Review.

Runscribe Review Pro

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