Huawei Watch GT Specifications – More detailed leaks

Huawei Watch GT

The sport and classic models look cool and look set to arrive very soon at Eu230

Specification Highlights

  • Bezel/body is ceramic and steel
  • AMOLED screen is 1.39″, and a good 454x454px resolution
  • Weight 46g – super light
  • Just over 1cm thick


oHR Array


  • The oHR unit looks impressive with a series of LEDs/sensors (2+2?). It certianly looks better than the standard ‘cheap’ 3rd party oHR arrays that are often used but it is unlikely to match what can be delivered by Polar/Garmin/Valencell.
  • It claims to use different wavelengths of light to the normal orange/green. That deserves a great big “HMMMMM”.


The OHR seems to claim to measure resting HRV and hence stress.



There will be the almost obligatory guesses at sleep stages and sleep quality as well as, below, also now-obligatory NFC payments and notifications support

The battery life looks relatively good though with, perhaps, 22 hours of GPS usage. ie this is not WearOS.

INSIGHT: Huawei Watch GT – “Influencer” Marketing


Some screen layouts look ‘normal’ and similar to Garmin and Suunto but there two middle ones look slightly novel.

There is also some clever Firstbeat metrics and functions included


Huawei Watch GT Specifications – ACTUAL and in detail


  • Length x width x height: 46.5 mm x 46.5 mm x 10.6 mm
  • Wrist coverage range 14 ~ 21 cm


  • Approximately 46 g (without the strap)

*Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

Watch Case

  • Colour: Black Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Material: Metal + Plastic + Ceramic

Watch strap

  • Graphite Black Silicone Strap,
  • Saddle Brown leather Silicone Strap,
  • Glacier Gray Silicone Strap,
  • Fluorescent Green Silicone Strap


  • 1.39 inch AMOLED colour screen
  • Resolution: 454 x 454, PPI 326

The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures.


  • Supported


  • Internal ROM 128 MB, internal RAM 16 MB

*Due to limitations in CPU processing power, memory used by the operating system and pre-installed applications, the actual space available to users may be less than the stated memory capacity. Actual memory space may change due to application updates, user operations, and other related factors.


  • Wi-Fi: Not supported
  • Bluetooth: BT4.2, BLE


  • Accelerometer sensor
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Magnetometer sensor
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Barometer sensor


  • Supported


  • Power button, function button

System requirements

  • Android 4.4 or later
  • iOS 9.0 or later

Charging time

<= 2 hours (under 25 °C ambient temperatures)

Battery life

  • 14 days for typical use.

The typical usage scenarios are decided based on the user habits.The specific battery life depends on the user habits and usage frequency.

In the box

  • Watch x 1
  • Charging cradle x 1
  • Charging cable x 1
  • User Guide x 1

Take Out:

The marketing claims seem to support a sporty pedigree. I REALLY want to believe this will be good.

Original Source: modified translation from foroatletisimo via @Zoser

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6 thoughts on “Huawei Watch GT Specifications – More detailed leaks

  1. Hello.

    Sadly i can’t find the image with the 100km or 80h offroad from the test page… Waiting for an official manual to read every feature and sport mode in detail. Another disappointment is the memory capacity. You will not be able to carry music on your watch without an external device, usually your mobile. And no information about the OS of the watch, “if” it comes with Huawei Lite OS, that OS has sdk, but i don’t know if the watch will let you install developed apps for its OS. Too many doubts. Perhaps we will have more information in the future.

    Probably i’ll wait till CES in January and then compare the presented watches there together with the already available before, and then choose my new watch. It’s only two and a half months of waiting and I see it more reasonable. In any case we will see is some reviews come up and how it performs.

    Regards and thanks for all the information.

  2. Nice review, just wondering about the always on display though. Is that feature available? Do you know how it might affect the battery also? Thanks

    1. I made a composition of captured images of several screen of the watch. The always on feature is there. The information in the official page is: 30 days with Receive messages & calls. Heartrate monitoring off. And 2 weeks with Heartrate monitoring on. Exercise for 90 minutes per week. I don’t know about how always on display will affect it, at least has ambient sensor for automátically change the bright i suppose.

      If you want watch the screens i captured from videos, etc, is here:!l243ASbI!L4gIDdVm6wKGaqhAvoHVw4uyQBXae1XFwvlvD9bJPmw

      In the videos i watched some apps preinstalled: Workouts, Workouts records, Heart Rate, Activity records, Sleep, Barometer, Compass, Weather, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Find my phone, Settings.

      And the sport modes i saw were: Running Courses, Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Climb, Cross Country, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Cycle, Pool Swin, Open Water, Other…


    2. The are one more thing that we are questioning about this watch. I haven’t found till now any screen showing route navigation. Of course, maps and music are imposible with its memory capacity. And the other one is that in the videos it seems imposible a full navigation using only the buttons. At some point you must use the touch screen. We’ll see… Things that they should improve in a future version to be considered a good sport watch.

      if it is confirmed I clearly discard it as a watch for me. I will continue looking and as I said, wait for the next CES and watch what is released till then and decide after the event.


      1. Actually, I don’t think that the watch has an always-on display. I think they have an option to keep the normal screen on but not the same as a low consumption always-on. I think to achieve the amazing battery they had to start somewhere. A bit disappointing but understandable!

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