PowerTap P2 Specifications, Comparisons & Pre-Order

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The PowerTap P2 is now listed at but as of 16October there is nothing there except a name and placeholder. Josh from PowerMeterCity has given me the specs he has from the PowerTap rep, listed below.

Even though there is a dearth of information out there; fear not, you can pre-order these babies right NOW and with a 10% discount at PowerMeterCity (info below).


Let’s start off with a beauty parade. Beautiful, that is if you like the silver look of the forged aluminium.


Despite a decreased weight when compared to the P1 and increased battery life when compared to the P1, the P2 looks highly similar to the P1. If it’s anything like the P1 it will be a very solid performer.

See how the P2 compares in detail to the other PM pedals…

Best Power Meter Pedals Compare Garmin Favero PowerTap SRM

 Availability, Price & Discount

It’s listed at $899 (with a 10% discount at PowerMeterCity for the code the5krunner10) and available from mid-November 2018.

Please help support this site in your next purchase by using one of these sites. The Power Meter City (USA) and Wiggle(EU/UK) links both help support this site and both usually offer a 10% discount

Assioma code for 10% discount – “the5krunner10  
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