Spotify for WearOS – Announced

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Spotify has just announced it will now support Google WearOS 2.0 devices. That means the Polar M600 amongst others (I updated to WearOS 2 yesterday by coincidence)

Details and download here: link to Google Play Store

In November all new Fossil Gen 4 devices will come with Spotify pre-installed.

This follows Garmin’s recent announcement for Spotify support via their CIQ apps.

This is all great for smartwatch owners and is a trend that I highlighted in my report on the best running watch with music. This trend will continue. Maybe there will be some barriers if Spotify tries to break into Apple’s ring-fenced world. But this announcement also shows that Google need to up their game to get wider support for the PLAY MUSIC service. Similarly, what are Amazon playing at? They seem to be focussing on home based music and perhaps need to get on people’s wrists.

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