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No Y-axis scale πŸ˜‰

I thought this was an interesting chart that some of you might want to look at.

It is the page views of a popular post I have on triathlon watches. The chart shows the relatively obvious seasonality of the interest in triathlon watches as well as a Black Friday blip. There will be a few peaks for unknown reasons but even looking on a weekly level there is no particular trend in the days of the week on which the post is most often read – some posts I write (eg parkrun related) have a massive spike of weekend readers, whereas other types of post favour the Monday morning or Friday evening reader. But not this postΒ  Every day is potentially triathlon watch research day.

My overall blog stats for the last year have been relatively stable and only increasing slightly (10%). The interesting thing with this particular triathlon post is that it might be bucking the trend and heading lower. This could be due to competition from similar posts but I don’t think it is for a variety of reasons.

I think it is signalling a lowering interest in triathlon watch tech. Thoughts?

Points to consider

  • Participation in triathlon races is increasing
  • Number of triathletes is probably increasing slightly, possibly at more casual levels of participation
  • Some events are closing (there is probably an over-supply of triathlons in the UK)
  • Sport-related features in triathlon watch tech is not really increasing. ie the innovation is more in things like contactless payments and music rather than novel, World-Beating Cadence Functionaliites.
  • There are still new products coming to market
  • …or maybe there are just better competing posts out there from more people for the same types of searches.



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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Oversaturation without diversification. This year was the year of a cadre of Tri watches from all places including re-releases and a userbase already embedded with outlying products from the last development cycle–nearly two years past now.

I said this before, but CES is right around the corner where everyone is going to showcase what they have been working on for the last couple of years. If there’s going to be an increased interest in new tri watches (if at all) it will be then (Q1-Q2). Mid-cycle products either have to be real game changers for people to make a change, or be so inexpensive and do everything their current product does to make it foolish to not upgrade.

The only mid-cycle device worth looking at (in my opinion and only mid-cycle to the overarching market, not their products) is the Polar Vantage (either). I doubt Polar is going to roll out something new in a few months, and there’s nothing else from them to upgrade an aging v800 if you have one and want to stay in the polar market.


interesting… 935 plus perhaps?


Garmin wants to crash Polars Launch Party or coincidence? πŸ™‚

Tomas Fojta

I seriously doubt release without prior leak on FCC or similar.


I don’t think much has changed, just people get excited by upcoming things and there’s nothing exciting coming up. I had huge interest in Vantage before that was released and a lot of comments during and after release. Record traffic in fact. Now though, we’re in a holding pattern while we wait and watch:
Polar and Suunto slowly add features
Suunto drop feeding pointless new SKUs
Garmin arbitrarily adding features to new watches, rolling out music and PulseOx
More WearOS me-too devices hoping to get a small slice of the Apple Watch market

Let’s face it, the rest of 2018 and 2019 are the perfect time for going outside and using these devices so hopefully our readers are doing that rather than giving up πŸ™‚

Jimmy C

I see sooo many Apple watches nowadays that I make the assumption if you’re wearing a polar/garmin/suunto you must actually work out occasionally.


Oh I didn’t mean me. I’ve no idea why these people go outside. I’m safe and cosy on my sofa, polishing my pretty watches πŸ˜€

Jimmy C

I blame myself for the slowdown in sales. I’m still rocking a FB charge 2 patiently waiting for the Wahoo watch that will work as awesome as my elemnt bolt